Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum

1209 Jackson St

Omaha, NE 68102

Last updated:

April 16, 2024

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Massive Collection

About Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum

Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, is a nostalgic journey through the history of pinball and arcade games. Housing a remarkable collection of over 60 pinball machines crafted by renowned manufacturers like Gottlieb and Williams, the museum breathes new life into these classic entertainers, meticulously restored to their original working condition. In addition to pinball, the venue boasts a selection of arcade games from the 1980s, offering a blend of nostalgic and perhaps unfamiliar vintage video games. Most games operate on quarters, but renting the arcade for private events is also possible. Hollywood Pinball & Arcade Museum doesn't just stop at games; it also displays an eclectic guitar pick collection featuring over 800 picks used by famous musicians and a variety of vintage Bagatelle game boards, showcasing the evolution of pinball and Pachinko machines. This museum offers more than just gameplay—it's a celebration of pinball's rich history and an invitation to play with history itself.

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