Black Knight Illuminated Replacement Mod Ramps Set

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Show your beloved Black Knight the love he (or she?) deserves! Are your 37 year old ramps dented and showing their age? New from The Mod Couple we offer you this complete plug and play Illuminated Custom ramp set to make your Black Knight Shine!! Simple install, you don’t even have to raise the playfield! (Maybe 15 minutes?) Precision cut from the same stainless steel and hardness as original with a Custom highly detailed theme art cut to accent each piece. Each ramp has an illumination filter as shown with LED back lighting. Light grain finish applied though you could polish them too a shine if you wished. As seen in photo, it does a great job of adding some much needed light to that area while also giving it a Truly custom look!! Everything is included in the kit!! Plug and play LED setup, Both left and right ramps Pre-formed to original shape, and a bottom adhesive shim to ensure level installation. Completely Reversible granted I’m not sure Why you would remove it? Does Not effect ball roll or play. Light up the Knight with this personalized kit.


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