Cactus Canyon Rock and Mine Cart of Gold

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I love gold! No we aren't talking about Austin Powers Goldmember, but we are delivering to you Cactus fans a mine cart full of gold! Whether you have a Cactus LE or an SE, this mod is a great enhancement for the area behind the mine entrance. If you have an LE, just remove the original mine cart with barrels and add our rock with new mine cart with gold. If you have a Special Edition, no need to do anything but add this sculpt. As with most of our other mods, this one blends so well in its environment that one would think it might have come from the manufacturer with the game.


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AWESOME Addition to a Great Game!


Matt makes some of the best mods in pinball. I have this and the train tracks installed on my game. I'll be back for more!

September 8, 2023
Brad H