Deadpool Ramp and Diverter Cover Mods

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I am very excited to offer my third Hurry Up Pinball mod for Deadpool Pro, Premium, and LE. I wanted to create a mod that blended in with the game and enhanced some of the basic plastics. This mod includes a color matched metallic red baseplate with custom designed .50 cal bullets and laser cut inserts. The bullets are gold casings with copper hollow points and the baseplates closely resemble the texture and color of Deadpool’s suit (with a metallic finish). Please see the information below regarding which mods can be installed based on Pro or Prem / LE. I am offering them individually (in case you have other mods installed in some areas) or as a set for the Prem/LE. Be sure to select the correct version for your game. As of 3/17/22, I have 45 airball covers and 45 diverters ready to ship.


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