Ghostbusters Illuminated Flashing Red/Blue Sirens Ecto 1 Car Mod

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Our original Ecto 1 just got better as we have improved the car to make the sirens flash blue and red. Not easy to accomplish on Spike games, but we did it.

This is an extremely cool, high quality lighted Ecto 1 car. Mounts in the back of the game between the flashers on the left, on right ramp as if being chased by the marshmallow man or on any playfield screw with supplied metal mount. Fits Pro, Premium and LE models. Connects to GI with supplied connectors. This is a plug and play mod that takes minutes to install.

Lighted headlights, sirens and inside green glow make this an awesome mod for your game. High quality super bright LEDs. Mod is made of molded vinyl and is 4.5" long.


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