Godzilla Custom Mechagodzilla Figure

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Period correct Mechagodzilla custom figure for Stern Godzilla Pro pinball machines.

The world's first pinball mod for both the top side and bottom side of the playfield!  Replace your 2D flat Mechagodzilla with this awesome three dimensional Mechagodzilla.

This custom figure comes with it's own unique mounting bracket that works in conjunction with the original 2D flat Mechagodzilla's mounting bracket for a perfect fit.

Don't be fooled by the low cost, this is the best Mechagodzilla mod for Stern's Godzilla Pro pinball machines on the market.

Measuring 3.5" above the playfield (and 3.25" below the  playfield), this Mechagodzilla is proportionately correct in correlation to the 5.75" Godzilla figure that comes with the Premium & LE machines.


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