Godzilla Oxygen Destroyer Mod

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This is one of the nicest and coolest mods you can add to your game.

This OD mimics the version that is on the playfield in the right outlane. It is interactive and lights green when the right outlane OD insert is lit. This OD is 3D printed from 7 different parts, has polycarbonate tubing, stainless steel rods and nuts, an aluminum ball and super bright dual leds. It is mounted off the screw next to the right wire form and sits over the right outlane, but mounts low enough down in the lane so you can still see the ball to be able to nudge. The install is very straightforward, only a phillips head screw driver is needed (no soldering!). Attach the mod to the screw next to the right wireform, run the wire along the ball guide and down under the playfield and make the simple connection. No splitter needed, does not plug into any board.


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