Godzilla UFO Saucer Mod

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This is a custom made UFO designed to replace the flat plexiglass UFO bumper topper in the Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine. Modeled after the original UFO's from Invasion of Astro-Monster. There are 2 finishes available, Silver Metallic which matches the machine art and playfield colors, and White which matches the original coloring of the ships in Invasion of Astro-Monster. The ships are fully finished and ready for easy install, just remove the playfield glass, remove the 2 screws that hold the plexiglass ship to the bumper and set aside, put the base of the new ship on the bumper and using the original 2 screws, screw it into place, then press the top of the ship on firmly and reinstall the playfield glass! all screws are completely hidden for a super clean look.


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Best movie-realistic Xilien spaceship!


No fuss to install, looks amazing, and matches the video footage from the original movies. This is a must for Godzilla fans!

November 21, 2023