Medieval Madness Barrel Lights and Flickering Torches Mod Kit

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Medieval Madness (MMr or Original) Custom barrel spot lights and Flickering Torch sling shots Mod Complete kit! Light the torches and kill some trolls! Each barrel is individually Hand painted to extreme detail, (no 2 are the same!) accented and wrapped with aged rope for authenticity, and highlighted with a precision machined archers arrow also painted to perfection down to the Mini game specific toasted (actually painted) marshmallow! Very cool! And the finishing touch, mini labels so the "Chateaux De Troll" doesn't get mixed with the "Ye Olde Brewery". (Those trolls do like to booze it up!) Special note, notice each barrel is lined with a clear cut acrylic sleeve for a Unique halo effect and additional protection for the wood barrel. Really a nice glow especially with colored lamps!! Spot lamps are complete with standoff and all mounting hardware, truly plug and play. But wait, theres MORE!! To complete the lower playfield effect the kit also includes a flickering torch accent to let those sling torch images flicker as if they were really on fire! (No real fire needed!) Note the Only item not included are the bulbs as Everyone has a specific taste in lighting. As displayed I used Comet Optix Maximus 555 in Purple. (again, my taste going for a Prince look with Purple Rain? lol Order now!!! Check out the video to see the very unique and total presentation of both the flickering torches And not only the look but the wonderful illumination of the barrel lamps! Kit includes 1 Set of MM Barrel lamps, 1 Set of torch lamps, and All hardware!  DOES NOT WORK WITH THE NEW RGB LIGHTING ON NEW RELEASE GAMES!!!!


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