Pirates of the Caribbean Custom Coin Door Shadow Box Mod

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Ok The Mod Couple is testing some New waters with inspiration from this amazing game. We have seen/done modded playfields, cabinets, backboxes, heck we even modded the Player with our "NIB Cologne" but we wanted to take this game to a higher level of detail down to the Coin Door! We wanted to create a unique and Individual Custom piece for the owner Knowing it will truly be one of a kind like this game deserves! The Custom Coin Door Shadow Box Mod!  A molded theme coin door shadow box with custom serialized number and designation. Collectors Edition AND Limited Addition designs will be available. All 3D sculpted from ship to limited edition unique badge. Ship, wood sign, and lettering all individually airbrushed to meticulous detail with multilevel blue LED internal accent lighting for a proper display glow. Simple and reversible installation with polycarbonate protective lense to keep display free from poking fingers. When ordering, we will require the user provide their serial number and model (LE or CE) We anticipate less then one week turn around for the custom mod creation.  Simple and reversible installation with color instructions included.  Image shows example of CE/LE gold lettering examples.  Yours would match your individual game number.


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