Pirates of the Caribbean Elite Topper

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The POTC Elite Pinball Topper is the ultimate immersive experience that's designed for and interacts with the 2018 POTC Pinball Machine.  The topper works with SE, LE and CE trim levels.  This topper is packed with technology and industry firsts and takes “illusion” to a new level. In the center of the topper lies a 3D modeled, hand painted, and aged pirate ship that is sinking into the ocean after its been attacked by (5) menacing tentacles that are reaching out from the depths of the sea. Two of the five hand painted and 3D modeled tentacles physically move/articulate as they give the illusion of the ship being dragged to the ocean deep. These moving tentacles also interact with the game's action button on the lock down bar. The ship also has a flickering “candle-like effect” taking place inside the boat to make it appear as though there is activity aboard the sinking ship. 


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Pirates topper


I don't even own the game and I bought the topper. This may the be the best high quality topper of all time.

September 1, 2023
William welke