Pirates of the Caribbean Full Width Galaxy Starmap Backboard Plastic

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Enhance your Jersey Jack Pinball - Pirates of the Caribbean game with this full-width backboard plastic. Designed to have a galaxy sky look with stars and nebula which closely matches the smaller starmap plastic included with the LE and CE versions of the game. No matter which version you have this plastic will work for you.

Standard Editions - If you own a SE version then your game has no graphic or starmap. This plastic will slide right in place without any removal of parts or modification to your game. Mounting can be accomplished with strategically placed screws or with double sided adhesive. Finishing touches and mounting considerations are still being decided but it will be discreete and easy to do.

Limited or Collector Editions - If you own an LE or CE version then you have a starmap. This consists of a printed plastic mounting in front of a PCB (circuit board) which has the individual star LEDs on it. This LED board sits proud of the backboard on short mounts. The Full Width Galaxy Boardboard Plastic will replace the starmap plastic and retain the original function and placement of the LED board.

Galaxy Backboard Lighting - Twinkling Stars for All Models

We have created an add-on to allow all owners to take advantage of our twinkling star backboard lighting mod. If you have a SE then this will turn your entire backboard in to a twinking night sky. For LE and CE owners with a starmap already on their backboard the lighting has been customized to wrap around the starmap. Your starmap will continue to function and look as it has and additional, random, twinkling stars will fill in the rest of the backboard.

Installation can't be more simple. The only additional step when installing your plastic will be plugging in the connector. Simple.

A preliminary prototype is shown in the video tab. The general idea is very close to the finished product. The lights in this example are not as random nor as colorful as the final version. There will only be a slight tint to the colors but it will be noticable and adds a nice effect. The overall placement, quantity and spacing is fairly close to the finished version. Of course everything will be clean and neat in your delivered version. 


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