Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken PinBlades

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Fits Jersey Jack Pinball machines only.

Perfectly matches this amazing game!

Swab the deck and hoist the masts with these amazing matching inner art blades.

PinGraffix PinBlades™ are printed on highly durable air-egress vinyl adhesive and over laminated with Duracoat technology, giving you years of bright, sharp, designs made to last.

Our products are made from high-quality premium materials from companies such as 3M. Thick scuff-resistant over laminant prevents them from getting damaged by flying air-balls and rips. Our special formulated PinBlades™ will not damage your cabinet if you choose to remove them at a later time like some of those other "Blades" out there.

No need for heat gun or to get the wood putty and black paint out with these bad boys.  All PinGraffix products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.


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