Quiet Fan Plug n Play kit (RSP-500-48 Power Supply)

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My wise teacher Lao Tzu once said, "Silence is a source of great strength." He would have hated Stern Spike machines.

Anyone that has a Spike pinball machine knows that the fan is WAY TOO LOUD and really annoying, especially in a home environment.

This fan kit is designed to replace the stock 34.6dB fan in Stern Spike power supplies to make it almost silent. This replacement 12.8dB fan has less CFM (airflow) than the Stern one, but the practical difference is that just means the fan runs longer to drop the temp back down to ~104F or less once the temperature in the power supply turns it on. In testing with this fan installed on multiple machines, the RSP-500-48 power supply never exceeded ~122F (the power supply critical shutdown threshold is ~158F), however, all possible pinball machine configurations cannot be known, so you are installing this kit at your own risk.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU DO THE PAPER TOWEL TEST TO MAKE SURE THE NEW FAN IS TURNING ON AFTER INSTALLATION IS COMPLETED. Note that replacing the fan in your power supply may void your warranty since you have to open the power supply and cut some goo to release the cord for the existing fan before installing this pin-compatible replacement.

The kit includes the fan with custom wire length and connector and two thread-cutting screws. 


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