Rick & Morty Interactive Lit Custom Rick & Morty Figures

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Where are Rick and Morty now?

In your game, that's where!

We created a fun and unique game integration combining the main characters of this amazing series with a showy, interactive element that really adds a great look to your game. Choose your own figure from one of several options and we'll mount them our custom designed, full color lit pedestals. These lit pedestals have a full color RGB diode embedded in them which spreads the light all across the mount and upward towards the figure. Intended to be attached to the light under the drop targets which represent Rick and Morty they can, however, be attached to any nearby light in the game. The integration automatically mimics your chosen light source to be completely interactive with the game.

The lighting on the drop targets just doesn't do the game justice and where are the main characters in this whole thing? We've solved both of those issues with one distinct and labored over mod. We've spent countless hours designing and re-designing this mod to fit the game seamlessly. Many different lighting designs and diodes were tested to give a true and even color to match the game and light up the figures brightly. This mod design was created from scratch and a custom lighting multiplier PCB created by us to use with this specific mods (and now for future ones too!). This makes these figures a simple plug and play installation.

Included with the mod are longer stainless steel screws which simply replace the screws that hold the center plastic in place. Remove the two screws, put the figures in place and replace the screws. The install is half-way done! Just thread the connection harness down through the playfield (watch our install video for a simple and quick method) and plug them in to their respective source lights. It's that simple. We chose a wire that was thin, neutrally colored and routed in such a way that it almost disappears. A more complex install is available if you absolutely want to hide the wires (some drilling is required) but, as you can see from the images, is not really needed. Our images show the quick and simple install method.

The vinyl figures used in this creation are licensed and produced by Funko. They are a limited release and we have procured a small assortment of both Rick and Morty figures for use in this mod. Once those figures are gone we can create no further so this is a very limited edition addition to your game. The figures are highly detailed and really match the aesthetic of the game well. They also match the other figures we offer for this game. 


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