Rick & Morty Kirkland Meeseeks Interactive Character

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Meeseeks aren't meant to be 2D characters, Jerry!

A few nuts and screws later and you have a real life Kirkland Meeseeks (sorry that is all that was left!). Choose from two different mounting options (gold or cloud) and if you would like the lighting option in the cloud.

The lighting option integrates with the Meeseeks box light (or any other light on the playfield in the vicinity) and will mimic the cloud lighting up along with whatever the source light is you chose. We suggest the Meeseeks box but there are two targets in front of Meeseeks as well as some GI lighting near there which are all up for grabs. Truly customizable without any splicing, alligator clips or the like.

These Meeseeks figures are limited edition so there are only so many available and once they are gone, they are gone. 


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