Rick & Morty Megaseed Tree Upgraded Ramp Support

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Replace your stock Megaseeed Tree with this robust ramp support. This upgraded part moves the support of your ramp from the plastic below to the actual playfield. Hidden metal posts move the load directly to the playfield and use an internal metal hex post to attach the ramp directly to the playfield without any load being supported by the tree itself. The stock tree has shown some failures with the lateral loads and the low infill printing of the original. While this part is much more robust than the original it also has no need to be since it is simply decoration as it should be.

Installation does require a drill and drilling through the plastic and playfield. None of the holes are close to visible so even if you aren't entirely confident it is very simple to drill two small holes and requires just a basic drill and drill bits. Those and a screwdriver are the only tools needed. Installation takes 20-30 minutes.

Each piece is hand painted and detailed to match a combination of the TV series as well as the playfield, which have different coloring. The "branches" of the tree are solid metal wire which allow you to adjust the position and look of the piece to suit your desires. The "cap" hides the screw and attaches via a magnet for easy install and removal.  


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