Rick & Morty Scary Terry Figure

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Nothing but fear from here on out, bitch!

This is a highly detailed Scary Terry figure that comes with several mounting options. These characters are all around 2-3" tall and are solid vinyl with extremely detailed finishing and painting. They blend in perfectly with the game and add that extra pop to your Rick and Morty pinball.

The figure comes with a unique and custom designed mounting base for a variety of attachment options. This is an updated design from the pictures shown with smaller bases (and 3 options). This new base covers all of the prior mounting layouts in a single design. It works in all 4 positions (flipped every direction) for a much larger range of options.  The images shown here have a variety of mounting positions shown but the figure can be mounted almost anywhere. The base can be attached with double stick tape, the mounting hole loop can even be cut or shaved off of one if you like. The figure is mounted to the base with 2 screws which can also be removed if you want to mount the figure directly. The mounting loop has a hole large enough to fit almost any screw or nut. Some mounting posts may be too short to get the nut back on. For this we have included multiple custom designed nuts which fit within the hole of the mounting base. These can be installed by hand or used with a nut driver or pliers. They are similar in color to the base and blend right in. 


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