Rick and Morty Pickle Rick With Green Plastic AND BONUS Items

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Pickle Rick with Fluorescent Green Plastic with Extra Bonus Items

Easy to add Pickle Rick mod for your Rick and Morty pinball machine. Pickle Rick is pre-mounted onto a fluorescent green plastic with some Pickle Rick themed art on it. Installation is so easy even simple Rick could figure it out. Just unscrew 2 nuts, remove your existing plastic and put Pickle Rick in place. I include 2 green colored acorn nuts as a nice finishing touch. Pickle Rick adds some pizzazz to that corner of you machine and does double duty by helping to hide the opto wire going to the ramp. In addition to the highly detailed Pickle Rick mod with cosmic green light reactive plastic, you also get the following bonus items at n extra charge:

Custom printed "Squanch Ball" plastic insert. This replaces the launch ball graphic on the game for the more theme appropriate "Squanch Ball" instead.

Custom printed plastic Morty start button. Replace the boring factory start button with the Morty start button. Each button press adds a Morty tot he game so having a Morty on button just makes sense. You will receive two Mortys to choose from: the astonished Morty (when Morty hears where the megaseed is supposed to go) and the pursed lips surprised Morty (Morty after the megaseed was inserted) .

Custom printed plastic coin insert labels, Everyone knows the Galactic Federation doesn't used quarters for currency anymore. Replace the factory coin inserts with the proper denomination of your choice; Flurbos, Schmeckles, or Blemflarcks. I believe most of the games at blips and chitz require 50 Flurobos nowadays.

Also include is a talking ring/jewelry/key holder (ring not included) you can out on your nightstand. Great place to keep you rings, jewelry, or key chains. Press the button and it says "I'm Pickle Ricccckkkk" and "I turned myself into a pickle Morty !"

Also included is a full color 48 page book detailing the story of Pickle Rick. Read about the animators discussing how Pickle Rick came to be as well as the full Pickle Rick story with fantastic images taken from the most popular episode of the entire series. Makes a great bead time story to read to small children or adults who are still children at heart.


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