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I am excited to announce my latest creation for Stranger Things Pro, Premium, and LE. This mod is a custom designed camera as seen throughout several seasons of Stranger Things and plays an important role in the discovery of the Demogorgan. This mod repurposes the existing LED board for the ramp flasher directly to the left of the Demogorgan and includes a custom 3D printed vintage camera, a baseplate, and mounting hardware. The camera is comprised of 10 separate 3D printed pieces and the baseplate has a design to help reduce balls getting stuck behind the camera. Installation takes about 10-15 mins and the process for installing this mod is seen in my video below. The beginning of this install tutorial also includes footage of the camera in action and shows how it functions in conjunction with the spinner and several other gameplay events. Whenever I release a mod, I like to have inventory built up so no one has to wait. I created an initial batch of 40 cameras for this release that are ready to be sent out. Stay Safe and Play More Pinball!


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