The Wizard of Oz Castle Lantern Custom Spot Lamp Mod

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There are no bugles in a castle! lol The Mod Couple is proud to introduce our newest mod upgrade for one of our Favorite games Wizard of OZ! While there are Many really Awesome castle wall upgrades available it always bothered us seeing that odd megaphone bugle lamp in the castle. So this is our spin to rid the castles of OZ of bugles and introduce our custom WOZ Castle Lantern Spot Lamp Mod! Fully plug and play and designed to work with All WOZ models! Each lamp is hand painted for a more authentic witchy castle look! Player viewable sides have red lenses and true flame image for a premium accent look. As function is just as important, the front is still open and offers the same spot light brightness as originally designed! (Can't have a monkey sneak out on you!) Kit includes fully assembled lamp assembly with plug and play harness and both a screw mount flange and provided removable adhesive mount. Also includes full color step by step instructions for simple installation. Bulb is not included as you already have the correct one in your Bugle! Plus you have the option to change spot colors for that purple Paisley Park look.?!


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