The Wizard of Oz Custom Replacement Castle Door Set

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The Mod Couple is please to announce our next WOZ castle home improvement Mod! The WOZ Custom authentic replacement door set!!! After completing our Castle lantern Mod we noticed quickly when lit how sad the castle doors now looked. You can't keep Dorothy captive with a door made of Stickers!! Plus Any thief can take out a screw and release her, duh! So we decided to finish the look of of this wonderful castle with some authentic wood grain 3D high impact doors. All Three! The door set was fine tuned to ensure play was not effected for aesthetics. Each door set is Hand painted and grained for a unique and Custom look fitting of the witches castle! The old door screw hardware is Hidden for a cleaner look! Also note, the Right monkey door has added length screws for a soon to be released #Gouveia (maker of the awesome red smoke witch mod) next release which will work perfectly with our door design! Castle Door set includes full color instructions, set of (3) doors, and all mounting hardware. Order a set and finish the room off right  Save Dorothy from Ugly sticker doors!!!


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