Wizard of Oz Field Fence

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Product Description

While you're dressing up your WOZ shooter lane with our Corn Stalk Field you can bring even more to the party with our replica field fencing. This fence has intricate molded wood texture and is built out of individual mortise and tenant jointed pieces for realism. The fence is finished in a multi-step process which gives is a realistic wood finish. Each piece is and painted and finished to be a little piece of art in your beautiful game.

Fences are made from a strong PLA plastic which has a good amount of flexibility to it while being very resilient. Parts are 100% solid and should last longer than your game.

Each qty ordered for this product includes one (1) fence row. Order multiple if required for your specific design.

Base Color and Shape

The fence can be mounted on 3 different base shapes.

- Post Mounds: These are little dirt mounds around each post. They are painted brown to look like dirt.

- Long Mound: This is an oblong mound that can look like a dirt field if painted brown or can be a soft edged black base that blends in with your rail.

- Rectangle: Just as it sounds this is a long rectangle that matches the size of your rail to blend in.


The long mound and the rectangle can both come covered in a simulated grass. This material looks very much like scale grass that would be growing around a fence. It is attached to the base of your choice. The difference in bases is very subtle once covered in grass due to the fringe of the grass hanging over the side. 


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