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Experience the Magic of the Winged Monkey

Behold, the incredible Winged Monkey – a masterpiece of artistry and precision. No Wizard of Oz pinball machine is truly complete without this mechanical marvel. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, we've spared no effort in recreating this iconic character from the beloved movie. The result? A physical representation that captures the essence of the original while adding that extra dash of whimsy and excitement we all adore.

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A Labor of Love

Months of painstaking labor have been invested to ensure that every aspect of the Winged Monkey, from its tiny fingers to its toes, stays faithful to the movie's charm and our uncompromising standards. Our goal is to elevate your pinball experience by transforming one of the finest pinball machines ever made into a work of art, where every detail matters, and the plastic barriers disappear.

Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Artistry

Each Winged Monkey is powered by our in-house custom-designed mini controller. Driven by a microprocessor, it features a robust power-handling circuit, an infrared remote control receiver, two status LEDs, lighting control, an inline resettable fuse, and a hassle-free plug-and-play wire harness. The monkey itself boasts four distinct mini addressable LED lights, a super-compact micro-planetary geared motor, and an ingenious cam shaft drive system that animates its wings. The eyes, the feet (illuminating the ball when the monkey holds it), and the wings can all be customized independently with up to four parameters: brightness, color, effect type, and speed. All of this can be controlled remotely while the glass is on and the game is in play, thanks to our custom IR remote management system.

Effortless Installation

Replacing the stock monkey plastic in your game is a breeze. With just a few screws, zip ties, and plugs, you'll be ready to soar. Our installation utilizes a magnetic detection system that triggers the mechanism. The Winged Monkey comprises over 10 meticulously crafted, custom-designed parts, all modeled in a 3D environment to ensure a perfect fit and efficient use of available space. With a parts list boasting over 40 unique items, each monkey is hand-finished, custom-painted, and adorned with meticulously applied fur to replicate the monkey's original costume design from the movie.

The Power of Invisibility

Our package also includes an invisible coil cover, a slim custom-fit piece that discreetly conceals the yellow coil that holds the ball. No more unsightly distractions; we've developed this snap-on cover for a clean and easy installation. To achieve the ultimate hidden effect, we've used the world's blackest black paint, a rare and costly substance that makes objects painted with it seemingly disappear. These meticulous details extend to other partially visible areas of the mechanisms, making them blend seamlessly into the shadows. It's as if they never existed, like a black hole of perfection. These are the details we pride ourselves on, creating advanced and intricate works of art.

This amazing Winged Monkey is detailed in every possible way, a true work of art. Any Wizard of Oz pinball machine is incomplete without this mechanical marvel. Designed with as much exacting specification to the movie original as we could muster, we have tried very hard to make this little guy a true physical representation of the original while adding in the bells and whistles we all love.


4 Super Bright WS2812 Addressable RGB LEDs: You'll find one behind each eye and one behind each foot, adding mesmerizing lighting effects that truly bring the Winged Monkey to life.

Micro Planetary Geared 6v Precision Motor: This tiny but powerful motor drives the Winged Monkey's captivating wing motion with precision.

Custom Developed Mini Controller Board: Equipped with a microprocessor, voltage regulation, IR handling, and more, our mini controller board is the brains behind the magic.

IR Remote Control: Change settings with ease even with the glass on. Take control of your Winged Monkey's performance.

Circuit Protection, Resettable Inline Fuse, Power Indicator LED & Diagnostics LED: We've thought of it all to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Plug & Play Custom Wire Harnesses: Installation is a breeze with our custom wire harnesses, connecting seamlessly to both your game's power and the Winged Monkey.

Hand Applied Fur Flocking / Hand Painted: Every detail counts. Hand-applied fur flocking and meticulous hand-painting bring the Winged Monkey to life, paying homage to the original movie costume design.


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Amazing piece of functional art


Installed the new monkey from pinball mods co and have to say this

Creation is top of the line quality with options for led eyes led legs and wings it’s a bit pricey but if you can tolerate mods by the art of pinball etc you will realize the time and engineering that goes into something at this level!

September 21, 2023
philip hoffiz