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Cary Hardy the People’s Champion

Cary’s channel has superb content aimed at the pinball enthusiast.  He gives you his honest opinion, not some sponsored take.  He very insightful in his opinions.   He also shows you how to fix and / or restore pinball machines.  But that’s not all.  He also reviews new games and products.  Great source of pinball news and information.

December 25, 2021
Damon Huffman

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My #1 source for pinball reviews, restoration, cleaning…& HUMOR!

Cary not only offers information & tutorials for newbies to experienced owners/restorers, he’s not hesitant to call out the manufacturers on questionable themes, substandard quality, & irritating aspects of any given pin. Conversely, he does provide credit when credit is due for excellent shots, creative toys & great build quality. He is specific in both his praise & critique. He’s not a shill, trying to sell you pinball machines, regardless of how well or poorly executed. I don’t always agree with him, but I know I will always get his honest opinion & observations. He is constantly reinvesting in his channel to keep up with both video & audio technology. Subscribe. You’ll be happy you did!

April 8, 2023

Great Content!

No political correctness that's great, and very rare nowadays!

February 7, 2023

Best You Tube Show

Great You Tube show. Just not enough of them. Love his skits . 5 Stars when I see a weekly show. Lol

February 4, 2023
Patrick Marino

Honesty is key

Cary tells it like it is and often in a humerus way. I love his restores videos and product reviews.

February 4, 2023
Brian Varley

I've been in the hobby for over 20 years, he has the best youtube channel and he is never bias.

Cary is honest and very theral. He is really an asset to the pinball industry. His videos are very entertaining and fun to watch. Always expect an honest opinion or review from him. His videos are great for new people in the hobby and gives great advice. Thank you for all you do Cary. Your Channel is one of the most entertaining for pinball.

July 13, 2022

Cary Hardy the People’s Champion

Cary’s channel has superb content aimed at the pinball enthusiast.  He gives you his honest opinion, not some sponsored take.  He very insightful in his opinions.   He also shows you how to fix and / or restore pinball machines.  But that’s not all.  He also reviews new games and products.  Great source of pinball news and information.

December 25, 2021
Damon Huffman

cary is awesome!! especially intoxicated cary!!

way to go. keep them coming brother!!

August 31, 2021

Honesty, passion...and humor

I recently rediscovered pinball and finally own a few pins of my own! I am active on pinside and pinball news. I find Cary's reviews to be honest and approachable. Something I have not found on pinside and with some other pinball influencers who appear to be more influenced by the business. Keep it up Cary!

September 22, 2020
Mike M

Solid entertainment

Great youtube channel - informative, entertaining, warm hearted, never nasty,

but not scared to sometimes criticise manufactures either. 

Has a feel good factor.

September 9, 2020
John G

Feels like pinball poser

I don't mind Cary's video content but this attempt to slide in as a podcaster (self promoting as Kaneda 2.0) is a real reach.  Cary is fumbling and confused while trying to get a point across as what seems like an attempt to achieve popularity .  He strives to be edgy in an attempt to appeal to an abandoned demographic (So long Kaneda) but seems like he is trying too hard. Ultimately it doesn't add anything except a little awkwardness.  Interesting example of how video editing can add to enjoyability to a creator's content. Nowhere to hide your shortcomings in audio form.  Not the worst pinball podcast but far from even most of the average of pinball podcasts.  A miss for me and my pinball buddies.

August 9, 2020
Jack Donnelly

One of the best out there right now!

I met Cary one year at the Texas Pinball Festival. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He always seems to be in a great mood and very upbeat. He will rub off on you for sure. I love his shows because it's so much different then anything else out there. His production is off the hook. You can tell he takes pride in what he puts out there with his high quality videos. If he starts drinking a beer during the show you better strap in because those are the best episodes to watch!! The only negative thing I will say about Cary is that his hearing is bad..he likes to play his games at full volume sometimes it seems. :) Other then that he is top notch in my book!

July 3, 2020
James A aka. TxJay


Great show and Cary keeps getting better.

July 3, 2020

Great channel

All things pinball sums it up. I like it all but if I had to pick I'd say the restoration work with new products a close 2nd. I will buy some pin stadiums because of your reviews.  Always looking for Cary's next video . Cheers

July 2, 2020

Just a Fun Easy Going Pinball show

I stumbled upon this channel a while ago, and found a how to clean and way your play field video. I was hooked from then on!  From the start, he is relatable, honest, and the kind of guy I would actually have a conversation with.  I find that we have similar likes in pins and gives no holds barred reviews of things and will really let you know what he thinks, and the best part is if he changes his mind or he was wrong about something he will absolutely let you know and take responsibility.  The show is just super relatable, now I only have 1 Pin and just started my collection, but watching the barn build of the Adams Family Restore is just riveting! Cant wait to see it in the end! But its not a super polished show, and that is what bolsters its charm and integrity for me. Just a guy who Loves Pinballs, and wants to share and invites you along to be apart of an amazing hobby.  In todays "ring the bell" and "click subscribe" I find that I am selective of what content I want to be alerted about and I find that the topics and work that he is doing growing his channel is well worth both the clicks!

I will tell you this as well, as mentioned before the Adams Family Barn Find, is just riveting! One of the guys at work is a big Pinball guy, ( he brought me over to the Darkside of getting a Machine ) he will pop in from time to time and we will talk Shop, I showed him the 1st video, and he was hooked! From the ClearCoating at home, to working and cleaning these machines, I have spent hours just watching, Ducks and all!  

And if you are reading this review Cary, Please finish up that Adams Family build! I am Dying over here!

June 16, 2020
David Bilinski

Great Content

Carys channel is awesome.. as he says "I talk and do everything pinball" Great in depth channel covering restorations , opinions and everything pinball..Not to mention he was the host for the 2020 Twipys that were dtreamed through his channel..

May 13, 2020
Travis Lancaster

Great Production Value and Content

Production value on Cary's videos are great.  Content varies from reviews, to restoration.  Not afraid to give an unbiased opinion.

May 7, 2020
Jeff Davis


Cardy Hardy is a passionate pinball nerd. You'll find a lot of stuff in his channel, from restorations to latest news, often mixed with humour. A great channel to follow !


Great info honest reviews

Funny guy... keeping companies in check and providing great restoration vids.


This guy knows his stuff

Mr.Hardy makes great videos on the tube. They range from "how too" videos to game reviews, to just about anything pinball related. The production value is really nice, its obvious he puts some time into them. His sense of humor is also a great asset. I always look forward to his videos. He also did a bang up job on the twipys too!!


Informative and entertaining at the same time!

Ive been collecting pinballs for about the last 20 years. Recently came across Cary's channel. All his videos are packed with informative content on pinball repair and restoration. And his restorations are some of the best ive ever seen. 

On top of the technical side of the videos... he adds some great entertainment with his humor and commentary. 

I always look forward to new content and seeing how his restorations turn out. 

Keep up the good work.

Thomas Ceckitti

Cary has a great channel!

Cary puts time and care into each of his videos and also the machines he restores.  His love and passion for the hobby is evident for all to see and he tells it like it is about all machines-something I can't do quite yet in my videos.  (And as I have said many times, has the best theme music ever!)

Todd N. Tuckey

Awesome pinball videos

Cary does a awesome job on his video's on everything pinball. I'm new to the hobby and find his videos interesting and fun to watch. From his restorations ,general care tips and honest reviews. A must have Channel to follow and subscribe 👍


Marked as favorite!

Excellent channel!

Don’t miss an episode for it’s informative, honest and humorous content, also the fresh news, discussions, technical hints, and various other subjects which otherwise I wouldn’t have access.

Bruno Gaspar

A Great Mix of Information & Entertainment!

Cary Hardy provides the “right mix” between Information and Entertainment. In the end, that exactly fits and services where the pinball community is today. This hosts personality and age brings a needed younger perspective to what many erroneously assume is a hobby for an older generation. I highly recommend CH to keep you up to date on pinball in a fun way. Enjoy It, and remember, it’s pinball!

Rich Sermitis

Honest and Fair

I love the way Cary presents and it feels so honest. He has a way of sharing his passion and I love the way he takes on Stern & JJP with his sketches, which have me in stitches. I cant wait for the next video to come out.


Honest reviewer. Brutally honest sometimes.

I love how he doesn’t sugar coat the games. I also love when he has issues and then sees the games and the issues go away or are even worse. Cary I think you could design a game.

Mark Valuch

A True Hobbyist

Cary Hardy is one of the channels you can’t get enough of. He has a great personality and is one of the true hobbyists of Pinball. He is also not shy to voice his opinion of what’s going on in the Pinball world with game releases and game manufacturers. He can be blunt, but we need more of that in this hobby. His restoration videos are absolutely amazing and I enjoy every meticulous attention to detail he puts into the machines. I wouldn’t mind cracking open a few beers and talking Pinball with him. Keep up the good work Cary!

Paul Molinari