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Podcasting on competitive pinball during a pandemic?

Yes, these two accomplished this feat and did so with a subtle pivot to interesting topics across the pinball world. They bring in excellent guests, and the diversity of accents is cool. I've been a fan of Head2Head pinball (and before that PinHeadz) ever since I first got back into the hobby in 2014. Thank you both! Time to take this show on the road to pinball expos when you can!

April 5, 2021
Baba H.

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About Final Round Pinball

Hosts Jeff Teolis and Martin Robbins discuss competition pinball for all skill levels. A pinball podcast about player vs player and player vs machine.


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Love this podcast

April 16, 2023

Podcasting on competitive pinball during a pandemic?

Yes, these two accomplished this feat and did so with a subtle pivot to interesting topics across the pinball world. They bring in excellent guests, and the diversity of accents is cool. I've been a fan of Head2Head pinball (and before that PinHeadz) ever since I first got back into the hobby in 2014. Thank you both! Time to take this show on the road to pinball expos when you can!

April 5, 2021
Baba H.

Top Shelf

This is the podcast I look forward to the most. Great hosts and good laughs. Marty just needs to admit that Starship Troopers is a very underrated pin, and Jeff, you missed out on a great copy of Quicksilver. At least hit me back with a not interested...straight ghosted me😜 Don’t worry, I’ll still keep listening.

March 1, 2021

1rst Annual Reach Around awards of excellence and of purchase

Seriously you guys are great but after seeing the trophy I instantly knew that I must have those hands in my hands. There is nothing like getting your first Reach Around.  You never forget your first or your worst.  It won't end up on eBay because it would be priceless.  I will sign an NDA.

January 19, 2021

The best in above average intentional self deprecation

Jeff and Marty provide a fun and engaging podcast with just enough ridiculous jokes and humor to take the pi$$ out of themselves.

January 18, 2021

Fantastic podcast

Marty and Jeff know there stuff they mix in lots of pinball knowledge, tips and personalities while keeping it light fun.  Listen always as soon as it comes out (as long as their isn’t an super awesome show out then they are second!!!).  Keep going guys!!!!

January 17, 2021
Rodney Comegys

One of the best Competitive Pinball Podcast that has nothing to do with Competitive Pinball

I originally tried to put a review up for a pressure cooker.. from japan.. in japanese. It was a mediocre review, apparently that person didn't overly care for the pressure cooker but it was a little hard to get the full context because the google translate was only so good. Also, Jeff and Marty are great. Love the podcast.

January 15, 2021

Vous êtes tous les deux des outils

Super équipe, toujours le mot pour rire mais aussi le sérieux quand il s’agit d’expliquer les règles ou de réussir de gros scores. L’équipe composé de Mr Deadsave et Mr Moulasse nous fais passé de supers moments sur les dernières machines existantes avec la bonne humeur toujours au rendez vous.

 Merci à vous 2

January 13, 2021
Master Rob B

En Francais!

"Excellente team. On apprend beaucoup avec ces passionnés."

January 11, 2021
Germain M

Thank you Marty & Jeff!

Great show. Always good debates and banter. I appreciate all of the hard work and the weekly content. Thanks guys!

January 8, 2021
Jon M

Best Place for Quick Reacharound

Jeff and Marty are  the authentic auditory unicorns.   Annoying, creative, anti-pinball, these guys are boring but they have lots of cool friends like Moppy and Pinside Petey.  Only reason I listen to them is for the free groupie reach arounds, which can’t be beat.

January 3, 2021

Entertaining and informative

Dennis, I mean Jeff and Zach, I mean Martin put on one of my favorite weekly, I mean fortnightly shows. Like a bickering couple, they have a good ying and yang.

January 2, 2021
Bryan Cee

Reach Around Award

I gave this podcast 5 stars but don't get too excited Jeff and Martin because MY scale goes to 10 stars. I am only reviewing this podcast to be eligible for a Reach Around. Stay tuned because in 2021 I'm announcing the Consumers Awards in Pinball. To be a voting member of CAP, you have to have purchased a new in box in the calendar year. Making these awards shows is super fun!

December 31, 2020
Scott V

Du FUN, du FUN et encore du FUN !

Jeff and Martyn do a great show that’s an easy listening low stress and full of fun and interesting people and has one of the best takes at what is going on in pinball land

December 31, 2020
Neil McRae

probably the two best people to talk about competitive pinball

Jeff and Martin are two people I've been listening to for years. Having their own show together just makes sense! Both entertaining and informative! Great show!

September 8, 2020

I don't play competitive pinball, yet I still listen to every episode

These two are pinball podcast royalty and with their powers combined they have a great dynamic and are very entertaining. It is awesome to hear their perspective on different games and how they relate to competitive play as it is very different from how I personally play pinball. If you care about points in pinball you will love this podcast.

August 14, 2020
Joel Engelberth

One of the best!

Really fun and entertaining!

August 9, 2020
Brad Hopkins

Witty banter that's always enjoyable

Martin and Jeff are like 2 peas in a pod. Their friendship comes across the airwaves and you feel like you get to step into their world. Fantastic guest interviews and a great take on competitive pinball. This is a must for your pinball podcast listening.

July 2, 2020
Joshua R

Flip around with Jeff and Marty!

Two of the most professional and engaging pinball podcasters (who happen to be good friends) have joined forces to make a highly entertaining show about competitive pinball (a tough sell for even the most hardcore pinheads out there). Fortunately Jeff and Martin excel at taking a niche sector of a very niche hobby and translating it into very approachable and thoroughly entertaining content. It is a show for both the seasoned competitive pinball player and the casual enthusiast who might be thinking about dipping their toe into the waters of competitive pinball.

June 7, 2020
Joe Ciaravino

I'm Not a Tournament Player and Still Love It!

I'm not a big tournament player but gave this podcast a try since it's on TPN... I love it and can't miss an episode. Marty and Jeff are good friends and you can tell! Interviews, news and a few insults. These two do a lot for pinball, give them a listen.

May 7, 2020

great perspective to the tournament scene

Martin and Jeff  do a fantastic job discussing tournaments, strategies and the games we love to play.



first off, Jeff and Marty are already well established pinball Podcasters, so this combo his basically a "super group". The base topic of the show is the competive side of pinball, but they don't stop them from putting out a good show. You really don't have to be a tournament player to enjoy this. If your not already listening to this one your definently missing out.


Like sandpaper for your ear-holes

Terrible choices in jokes, pinball machines, and personal hygiene.   Please wear protection if you accept a reach around from these maniacs-  and get some penicillin too.    You're gonna need it.    5 stars.

Michael (Mike) Rausch

Competitive Pinball Discussions that Actually Entertain

While I enjoy playing competitively, I have really, REALLY struggled to enjoy competitive pinball discussions on podcasts. I'd chalk this up to two main issues. The shows dedicated to competitive pinball have generally not fared well in terms of regular programmatic output (though most appear to be good concepts), and the shows that just touch on it occasionally tend not to do the subject matter justice (primarily by forgetting the gulf between what they are talking about and what the audience does, or does not, already know).

Final Round does not face this problem. It strives for an output level that offers a level of consistency without feeling stifling or excessive. Martin and Jeff both have a lot of expertise when it comes to playing competitively and when it comes to podcast hosting (with Martin a former host of Head2Head and Jeff the current host of Pinball Profile).

Final Round has avoided the dreaded "tournament recap" approach many sometimes-competitive pinball podcasts fall into (it's a trap!) and instead explains competitive concepts, offers interviews with competitive players, and most importantly, secures the biggest and best sponsors for each and every episode. It's funny and it's intelligent, and is probably the best gateway podcast into competitive pinball ever forged.

Dennis K

Highlight of my fortnite

I started to listen to this podcast to get my foot set in tournaments but as Covid changed the world it changed their podcast.    Now this is one of the best podcasts around as the two hosts have great chemistry and are funny as hell.  Plus even with the shift away from tournaments I have still learned a lot and will be better prepared for when tournaments start up again.  

Plus we get a crash course on Australian slang and drinking habits!    What is not to like here?!?!

Kevin Hardt

Best part of waking up....

After drinking a coffee and taking a massive dump, Jeff and Marty bring me into the world of competitive pinball, where no competitive pinball exists, and it’s great!  Guests, drinking trivia shows, puppets, and reach arounds for all! This is your source for bi-weekly pinball content!

Glenn W

Pinball Dee-Lite!

If you want your pinball mind rocked, then what are you waiting for? Go listen to Marty and Jeff on Final Round Pinball podcast and finally hit the audio jackpot you’ve always dreamed about. Do it! 

PS – this podcast does not contain any ASMR, sorry!

Craig Bobbie