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its a must

this website is literally the first place i go for info on a machine. Nothing flashy but it definitely serves its purpose.

September 4, 2020

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About Internet Pinball Database

The Internet Pinball Machine Database — also known as the IPDB — is a comprehensive, searchable encyclopedia of virtually every pinball machine ever commercially made. The database currently includes 72,949 images of 6,336 games, 5,165 other game related files, and links to other pinball websites, grouped by machine. The database also includes pitch & bat baseball games, cocktail table machines, bingos, and payout machines … when they have a pinball theme.

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Solid information but requires a login just to view

Doesn't help that the website looks haven't changed and looks like something someone out together on Geocities in the 90s (albeit less noisy). But having to log in just to view the data is a bit cumbersome. Outside if that you won't as of this date find a better source of comprehensive information on pinball machines.

May 2, 2021

its a must

this website is literally the first place i go for info on a machine. Nothing flashy but it definitely serves its purpose.

September 4, 2020

A Useful Tool but Archaic

IPDB is my number one pinball website for information. I generally use it at least weekly. It is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive source of pinball machine information on the Internet.

However,I cannot rate it above "very good" due to the archaic nature of the interface. The design is extremely antiquated, and while the information within the database is top-notch the fact that it continues to offer functionality akin to a website from the 1990s means that a lot of people will be put off and frustrated when trying to use the system.

I still recommend IPDB for any research purpose (it is very good after all), but I do hope the interface receives an update to make the system easier to navigate and faster for those to find what they are looking for.

May 12, 2020
Dennis K

The one i look up to first for infos and rankings

Just the most comprehensive and useful source of information for every pinball machine ever manufactured. Thumbs up.

May 8, 2020
Guillaume Fau / Paris_Pinball_Addict

no other place like it

I can't imagine what would happen if this ever went away.  The history, the photos (including unreleased prototypes), the manuals.  I always say, I hope there are multiple backups of this server.

May 7, 2020

The site to go to for pinball machine facts

Great site. I use it on a weekly basis to get info on machines or just take look at the great pins of the past.

May 7, 2020
Ted Finlay


very complete and many photos.

May 7, 2020
jean jacques

Truely priceless archive of information

An accurate collection of information and files on almost every game every made.

Pinball Evangelist

I Constantly Use IPDB

I use the IPDB for my Podcast and I find it the most important resource for the hobby. There are some gaps in the history of each pin but those are few and often less 'important' tidbits.

I rated it 4 stars only because i find the 1990's style user interface bothersome and tired. Looking at photos of the machines is a CHORE!


The best resource on the web

I use this site constantly.  the pinball world would be lost without it


IPDB- the WIKIPEDIA of Pinball

Just the facts man. No crap or opinions, just a great source of the basic information needed for both new and expert community members to get foundational information on specific games.....and all in one place. This website should be considered the historical foundation of pinball, and deserves our thanks and respect.