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fun time

Had a good time appearing on the stream playing ICR with Albert M.  Keep up the great work.

February 5, 2021
Jeff Teolis

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My name is Matthias, and I’ll show you pinball quick guides and more!

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fun time

Had a good time appearing on the stream playing ICR with Albert M.  Keep up the great work.

February 5, 2021
Jeff Teolis

cares about what he does

Pinball stream is nicely setup. He has fun playing pinball. He actively chats in other pinball streams (bonus!).

September 20, 2020
Jeremy Agema

Love that

The Videos are fun to watch. I like how he speaks and explains the shots on a pinball machine.

September 9, 2020


thanks for the best videos

thank you for your quickguides

thank you for your cooperation

we look forward to the future

September 9, 2020
KMS Germany

Flipper nur mit pinballboy

Wer sich für Flipper interessiert kommt an pinballboy nicht vorbei.

September 9, 2020

Amazing pinball player!

He is an awesome dude!his quick guides are excellent!real entertainment!!!

September 8, 2020

Cool guides and live streams

This guy make cool Videos about how to play Pinball and more. Like them a lot!

September 8, 2020


Over the Top and high to fly in the pinball sky. I love the streams always.

keep on streaming

September 8, 2020


Pinballboy is doing a Great Job with his videos. You get all the information in a short time. Also his streams are very funny. He may not be the best player, but that’s not important at all. Keep going

September 8, 2020

Quick but Good

I like to watch the quick guides. The most important informations in a small package.


Deutsche Flipperszene ohne pinballboy? Geht nicht!

In der deutschen flipperszene kommt man um pinballboy nicht herum. 

Die besten Quick Guides auf YouTube,  auch für Anfänger!! Zusätzlich hat er stetig Bock auf etwas neues- weiter so!!👍


Quick guide realy good to learn the pinball rules

Great Vvdeo and pinball channel.


Funny guy

I do like the way he is presenting himself, the pinballs and people around. He knows what he is doing. 

Good luck and best wishes for tue future Ponballboy


My pinball hero

Really like his quick guides. Helped me a lot to improve.


The best Youtuber

The best Youtuber for Pinball Fans


Nice guy, cool stuff and addicted

Here you find passion, love and mich informations about pinball! Love it! Really nice.


Best Pinfluenzer in Germany

Good Videos, good Infos nice Mashines. 

Videos helped me with buying Pinball Maschines

Automaten Kalle

I´m impressed of his passion...

... playing pinball and making videos.

Learned a lot from him.


Cool german streamer and youtuber

He made a lot of german quick guide videos with different pinball machines and streams new Sterns on Twitch.