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could be better

to much drama and BS. The mods make interesting decisions at best. Don't be fooled though because you can definitely learn everything you need to know here. The market is also very useful. Bottom line pinball rocks and some people dont.

September 4, 2020

Wide-ranging but toxic

There's more on Pinside than anywhere else. However, the forums can be rancorous, enough so to keep me away permanently.

July 10, 2020
Erik Swedlund

Everybody is on it

Excellence source for pinball news, repair information, and snide comments. Since only once on the forum has someone inferred that I was an idiot because my comment led them to believe that I had not carefully read the readme file for a recent code update, I don’t believe one would consider me being very active on the site. Since I have never received a down vote for one of my comments either, that makes me almost invisible. But I do frequent the site to read my favorite forum topics, which are usually tied to the games I own. I also enjoy topics like: What’s for sale in “my state” and Let’s see pics of game rooms. My current favorite topic is the weekly Friday updates on The Crazy Mansion by the Pinball Amigos. Estupendo! As is the Pinside website.

May 9, 2020
Mike Shaulis