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Really nice of what I have seen. Passioned guy!

January 25, 2021
Daniel Krönell

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Love everything RETRO Commodore 64 AMIGA Retro PC and Pinball

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Pure passion

RETROCENGO is a no-fuss goto channel for good old innocent feel-good indulgence in everything retro PinBall. Fascinating insights into how these great machines go together and practical, easy to implement sensible tips and techniques to keep them playing in top form.

January 25, 2021

Retrocengo Pinball Passion is Pure and Positive

Honestly I started watching Retrocengo because of his love for Retro Computers and then his #1 Passion, Pinball Machines appeared on his YouTube Channel.  Like everything he does it was Simply Amazing or as they say where I am from Wicked Awesome.  I am not into games or pinball but when you see Retrocengo getting excited about his love for Pinball and his reasons why you go along for a wild ride, his passion becomes your passion even though it might be for a short time.   I recommend anyone into Pinball to check out his content but be warned his content is addicting.

January 25, 2021
Stephen R. Bruce


Really nice of what I have seen. Passioned guy!

January 25, 2021
Daniel Krönell

RETROCENGO got me hooked on Pinball

I subscribed to Retrocengo youtube channel late 2019, im into retro computers, Commodore Amiga. Retrocengos presentation on pinball machines, his exitement got me hooked, i bought my first pinball machine called Highspeed2 Getaway! since then i own 4 pinball machines and its the greatest hobby, im so thankfull to be a part of the community now :-)

Ask for help, and his on fire.


Loved his retro videos now love his pinball videos

Really enjoy his reviews of retro hardware and software. Now he takes it one step further and I like it!!

Matt W