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Slamtastic Pod

Possibly my favorite pinball podcast. Ron and Bruce have great chemistry and you can truly feel their real life friendship come through in the way they interact. Great banter and they never take themselves too serious. Topics cover everything including news, tech, and tournaments. Excited every time a see a new Slam Tilt in my pod feed!

July 13, 2021

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About The Slam Tilt Podcast

Ron Hallett & Bruce Nightingale

Podcast about the Game, Hobby & Industry we call Pinball

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Great Podcast

Great Podcast . Just kill Tournament talk . Boring . Rest of show great

February 4, 2023

Slamtastic Pod

Possibly my favorite pinball podcast. Ron and Bruce have great chemistry and you can truly feel their real life friendship come through in the way they interact. Great banter and they never take themselves too serious. Topics cover everything including news, tech, and tournaments. Excited every time a see a new Slam Tilt in my pod feed!

July 13, 2021

Its a podcast

Gave the show a chance after listening to Silverball Chronicles (Which is a great show).   Bruce Nightingale just rubs me the wrong way.  Ron is a good co host so I am bumping up my score to two stars.

February 1, 2021

Real good mixture of all the elements of the hobby

Heard Bruce guest on another pod and really enjoyed his takes and up front honesty. Searched and found the Slam Tilt pod and enjoyed it alot. Great content. Will become one of my must listen pods.

January 29, 2021
Thomas C

pretty cool, but let's get to the point

pretty good pod.  ron and bruce are a good tandem.  However, too much specific tourney talk, and too much inside tech talk.  I like the topical content though.  This is one of three pods i listen to

December 1, 2020

A Pinball Podcast

Ron and Bruce wanted more reviews. Check.

November 29, 2020

Mostly like, with a few bumps

I’ve enjoyed this pod over the years, lots to like about it.  Could do without tournament talk, which is like listening to a 5 yr old tell you about a meaningless dream with excruciating detail... Bruce bitching about games often sounds pouty... and they swore off Chris “Kaneda” Kooluris... refuse to say his name (which seems completely childish... yet it’s pretty obvious they listen to him.  Those are my three gripes.  Otherwise, enjoy the pinball banter and co-host Zach (when he’s on). Keep it up!

November 29, 2020
Prince Heri

the "wrecking crew" of pinball podcasts

Ron & Bruce are in this for all the right reasons. Their friendship shows through with stories, banter, and yes, the occasional ball/dick jokes. But behind that ball/dick joke is a genuine love for the world of pinball and everybody in it. Their coverage of new machines, competitions, conventions, and local stuff combined with the understated breadth of expertise these two gentlemen(?) possess delivers an outstanding show.

Thank you both for keeping this going for as long as you have!

September 15, 2020
Baba H.

My favorite pinball podcast

Ron and Bruce have the best pinball show. Being old friends they have great banter, and their pinball knowledge is very deep! Every episode is entertaining and informative.

September 8, 2020

these guys are legends

Bruce and Ron are the kings of pinball comedy. They crack me up multiple times an episode. But all that goofiness is backed up with decades of knowledge and experience. When these fellas speak you shut up cus your either gona lean somthing important or laugh your ass off. They have the classic straight man/funny guy formula down to a science. Can't get enough bruceisums!!

September 2, 2020

My number 1 favorite podcast.

Ron and Bruce pull no punches and share stories of their day to day experiences, tournaments, and years of memories in the pinball hobby (and business in Bruce's case) as well as occasional interviews and guests.  

Having left upstate NY for the south many years ago, it is heartening to hear pinball discussion and humor from my old stomping grounds. (hehe STOMP)  Keep up the good work!

July 12, 2020
Neal w

These guys make me laugh

Love the unfiltered independent content which is a good mix of pinball stories, opinions on machines, personalities, fixes and general knowledge.  Hope these guys keep going with their efforts to put this out.

July 12, 2020

The Siskel & Ebert of pinball podcasters

Ron and Bruce are a paradoxical pair of pinball personalities, but are also exceptionally knowledgeable and entertaining to listen to! I am always eager to hear both of their takes on pinball games both past and present. Covering a wide gamut of pinball topics such as: industry news, game reviews, tournament updates and home repair tips. There is something for anyone interested in "all things pinball".

June 7, 2020
Joe Ciaravino

Knowledgable, Experienced, Funny, Corny, Goofy, Juvenile -- Worth a listen

These guys have a great show. They manage to mix in middle school humor with some real love of pinball in a very cool way.

May 14, 2020

Never a dull moment

These guys no more about games than I ever will.  Even their guests are teaching you things, like Zach. WTG gents!

May 14, 2020
Stephen Haberman

Off Beat Humour and Tech Talk

Every episode is a must listen for me. 

I find the good natured humour, running jokes and Bruce's horrible (great?), cheesey (amazing?) and off colour jokes highly entertaining. He's give zeros F's about giving his true opinion. Ron's natural charisma, silly voice talents and straight man rangling of Bruce make this a tip top Podcast duo. 

On the flip side, the amount of tech knowledge and random repair rabbit hole conversations make this a different pod to listen too. I'm not a tech or repair person, but none the less find the conversations interesting.  

I'd rate is a 1 star... but I can't!


All Time Classic!

One of the longest running podcasts still cranking out episodes.  Slam Tilt for me is like a long form conversation with friends.  I have listened to so many episodes of these guys and never get tired of playing new episodes. The cluster-VUK’s are their best episodes.   Keep me coming guys!

Glenn W

Favourite Podcast.... no drama just entertaining honest informative content

Favourite podcast.... Ron and Bruce tell it as they see it and don’t take themselves too seriously. A podcast for the content and community not their own egos.... only podcast which came close was the Pinheadz Podcast and Head2Head.

Pinball Evangelist

My must listen to pinball podcast

When I see a Slam Tilt podcast come out I make sure to listen to it as soon as possible.  They have a humor and companionship that at most times is endearing; only a few times comes off as cringy.  I love that they cover repairs since that is one of my favorite parts of the pinball hobby.  This is one of my favorite podcasts and will keep me coming back


Serious Content Covered in a Light Hearted Way

You could be excuses for thinking Bruce and Ron are just kiddinging around but they both have a ridiculous knowledge of pinball machines, how they work and how to fix them.  Content is good and brutally honest but happy to acknowledge if and when they get things wrong.  They have almost got 200 hours of podcasts which are worth a listening.


A favorite podcast

Ron and Bruce are very fun to listen to and provide great information! I'm always happy when a new episode is uploaded!


Entertaing and the most knowledgable podcasters

Ron and Bruce are can't miss listening whenever they post a new episode