Recapping the Winners of The 2023 PiNbALL DeGENeRaTE Awards (AKA the DeGENies)

Recapping the Winners of The 2023 PiNbALL DeGENeRaTE Awards (AKA the DeGENies)
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Recapping the Winners of The 2023 PiNbALL DeGENeRaTE Awards (AKA the DeGENies)
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Recapping the Winners of The 2023 PiNbALL DeGENeRaTE Awards (AKA the DeGENies)
Published on
February 5, 2023
Updated on
February 5, 2023
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Well - we just wrapped up the most degenerate pinball awards show of the season. Thanks to Joe Ciaravino, the 2nd annual Pinball Degenerate Awards (aka The Degenies) were pulled off without so much as a hitch. Filled with energy, love and so much bare midriff, the Degenies were broadcast live on Facebook from Cabin Fever in Toronto, Canada on Sunday, February 5th, 2023.

Joe Ciaravino carried the show as the host with assists from Howard Pressburger and lovable mascot Billy P. Ball. Chat was lively and the ceremony was intently watched by around 45 of the most hardcore, degenerate pin-heads anywhere.

billy p. all pinball degen awards

We especially loved how Joe spent time highlighting all nominated members of the pinball community, as well as the very generous charity donations for several new memorial awards.

Be sure to join the Pinball Degenerates Facebook Group (one of our picks for best pinball communities) so you can join in on the fun and who knows, maybe get yourself nominated for next year's Degenies!

Special shoutout as well to the Pinball Degenerate Awards production crew:

  • Howard Pressburger - producer/chat moderator
  • Brett Longman - stream technician
  • Travis Provick - technical advisor
  • Jason McKay - production assistant
  • Kevin Chau - production assistant
  • Robyn Harrison - Cabin Fever owner

Here are your official winners of the 2023 Pinball Degenerate Awards!

2023 Pinball Degenerate Award Winners:

Most Degenerate Pinball Tattoo

degenerate tattoo pinball degen awards

WINNER: Alan Gamboa of NYC

RUNNERS UP: Brad Winston Breeding, Beck Gallagher, Petra Saurbrey, Ashley Ludwig, Kaite Martin

Most Degenerate Ball Save

WINNER: Dalton Ely's Terminator 2 center-post save with no tilt!

RUNNERS UP: Ashley Weaver

Most Degenerate Pinball DIY Topper

pinball degen awards diy topper

WINNER: Sarah Line aka Mrs. Pinn

RUNNERS UP: Eric Henry Rude, David Abeling, Don Beaulieu, Daniel Donnell, Jordan Burgar

Most Degenerate Pinball Troll

degen pinball troll

WINNER: Cliff Albert aka WarlockPinball777


Most Degenerate Pinball Vehicle

WINNER: Amy Kesting

RUNNERS UP: Jeff Simon, Mike Nogle

Most Degenerate Publication

WINNER: Nudge Magazine

RUNNERS UP: Chad Hobbs, Skill Shot Zine (Seattle), Colin Alsheimer (Kineticist)

Most Degenerate Homebrew Pinball

WINNER: Tanner Petch and his game Trashland

RUNNERS UP: Jake Danzig, Rob Anderson & Steven Kowal, Bob Nies, Ernie Silverberg

Most Degenerate Pinball Streamer

*Norma Jennings Memorial Award*

WINNER: Carlos DeLaSerda aka laser_los

RUNNERS UP: Nick Lane, Kevin Manne, Martha Finlonovan, Jay Fairbrother, Jeffrey Wirth, Rob Metzler, Dalton Ely, Karl DeAngelo, Jordan Jstyles Allen & Beck Gallagher, Jordan Burgar & Rebecca Salam, Mike Casselman & Lisa Casselman & Carter Casselman, Marc Patenaude

Most Degenerate Pinball Stance

degen pinball stance

WINNER: Shannon Miles 

RUNNERS UP: David "DJ" Riel, Alan Gamboa, Megan Sprague, Neil Kubath

Most Degenerate Pinball Collection

WINNER: The Pinball Bunker - The Cassleman Family from Ottawa, Canada

RUNNERS UP: Ron Hallett, Rob Berk, Rick Osborn, Elena Kern

Most Degenerate Pinball Score

WINNER: Travis Murie and his 00 ball 1 on Bad Girls from INDISC 2023

RUNNERS UP: Kevin Manne, William Young, Tim Collins, Matt Faulkner, Eric Stone

Most Degenerate Pinball Operator

*Allan Cihak Memorial Award*

WINNER: Dan Beeson - City Pinball

RUNNERS UP: Matt Faulkner, Mitchell Curtis, Shane Nazari, Bruce Nightingale, Adam Kiesler & Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon, Todd Brotsch

Most Degenerate Pinball Restoration

WINNER: Ashley Ludwig

RUNNERS UP: Jeff Miller, Brad Ladutko, Paul Laguette, Gabe Pribil, Patrick Marino

Most Degenerate Pinball Event

WINNER: 24 Hour Final Battle at The Sanctum in Connecticut

RUNNERS UP: “The Heckle Tournament” at Louisville Arcade Expo kick off, INDISC “HIGH STAKES” tournament, Golden State Pinball Festival, Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo, YEGPIN

Most Degenerate Pinball Commentator

WINNER: Steve Bowden - American Pinball - Also the first 2 time Degenerate award winner (Bowden won for the Most Degenerate Score in the 1st Degenies).

RUNNERS UP: Rachel Ristow, Greg Poverelli, Jeff Teolis

Most Degenerate Pinball Artist

WINNER: Jonathan Bergeron AKA Johnny Crap

RUNNERS UP: Jon Chad, Jeremy Packer, Nikki Cure, Stephanie Hanlon

Pinball Degenerate of the Year

WINNER: Koi Morris

Trivia Award Winners:

  • Rick Osborn - prize: Pinball Degenerates baseball cap
  • Josh Zilberberg - prize: Set of Pinball Degenerates POGs
  • Mike Dymus - 1st Ed. set of Pinball Degenerate stickers
  • David Dennis - Limited Ed. Pinball Degenerates Poster
  • Jill King Forestt - Pinball Degenerates color-changing Party Cups
  • Stephen Silver - Set of Pinball Degenerates POGs
  • Dalton Ely - Set of Pinball Degenerates POGs