Collecting all the Mystery Pinball Company Clues [Updated 10.4]

Collecting all the Mystery Pinball Company Clues [Updated 10.4]
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Collecting all the Mystery Pinball Company Clues [Updated 10.4]
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Collecting all the Mystery Pinball Company Clues [Updated 10.4]
Published on
September 30, 2023
Updated on
October 4, 2023
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Yesterday (9/29), we received our collection of stickers from "Mystery Pinball Company" in the mail. Combined with the release of their puzzle challenge, the rumored new game offering from this secretive company has once again been making the rounds in the rumor mill.

Mystery Pinball Company - All the Clues for their Upcoming Game

While Knapp has covered the recent updates pretty extensively, we wanted to take a minute just to collect all the clues here for reference and offer a few additional thoughts about any potential connections to the cult classic film Labyrinth.

Mystery Pinball Company Clues

An AMAZING machine is coming! Shhh!
Things are not always what they seem.
See you at the Ball!
Now that Labor Day is over, the work begins!
Your friend will raise the roof!

A Puzzling Assignment
the 13th hour has come see you at pinball expo 2023
The 13th hour has come! See you at Pinball Expo 2023

Mystery Pinball Company Game Photos

Mystery Pinball Company Other Details

The Mystery Pinball Co Website

Not sure if this has been mentioned specifically, but buried it the bottom of the puzzle sheet, there's a reference to a new website for the Mystery Pinball Company - There's not much on the site right now, other than collecting all the clues so far. We imagine there will be more here to review either as we get closer to Expo, or shortly after.

Denver Postmark

The stickers we received were postmarked from Denver, CO, though there was no identifying return address listed on the envelope.

Mystery Pinball Company & The Power of Voodoo (Why Labyrinth Fits)

The ties to Labyrinth are starting to become a little more obvious. Reading through the synopsis of the film, here are some points that stand out:

  • "After running through a seemingly endless corridor, Sarah stops and slumps down against one of the walls in defeat." - suggests the use of subways, which is called out in the puzzle sheet.
  • "The Worm tells Sarah that things in the Labyrinth are not always what they seem, and suggests that she try walking through the wall adjacent to them as it contains an opening." - things are not always what they seem! 
  • "Sarah eventually encounters The Four Guards and is challenged to a logic puzzle, which she is able to solve quickly." - logic puzzle fits the puzzle worksheet
  • "She takes the correct door, but fails to look where she is going and falls down a tunnel lined with hundreds of animated, scaled hands that catch her mid-fall." - maybe this is what the Terminator hand was in reference to?
  • "In her gratitude, Sarah kisses Hoggle and they both instantly drop through a trap-door." - would make sense if there are a bunch of scoops on the playfield as has been suggested in other places
  • "Sarah enters a dream-world, where she dances with Jareth at a magnificent ball." - see you at the ball!
  • "Jareth tells her that she has thirteen hours to rescue her brother from his Labyrinth." - the 13th hour has come!
  • One of the central plot devices is a giant maze. - an AMAZING machine is coming!

Other Connections to the Labyrinth Film

The color in the lockdown bar photo appears very similar to those seen in Jareth's jacket, and Hoggle's cap.

The cabinet photo looks incredibly close in color and tone to something that incorporates the visual of the Labyrinth itself.

Terminator eyes? That one's still a little odd.

The 13th hour clock motif appears frequently throughout the film