Guardians of the Galaxy “Deep Dive” – Likes, Dislikes, Features, Questions

Guardians of the Galaxy “Deep Dive” – Likes, Dislikes, Features, Questions
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Guardians of the Galaxy “Deep Dive” – Likes, Dislikes, Features, Questions
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Guardians of the Galaxy “Deep Dive” – Likes, Dislikes, Features, Questions
Published on
November 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017
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It is time once again to over-analyze expensive toys!  Is it possible to do a “deep dive” into a game without seeing any game play?  No?  Well lets try it anyway, shall we?  Although all we’ve seen is a gameplay teaser, we’ll dive into the game and what we know.  Below is an Overview of the machine, Five Likes, Five Dislikes, and Five Questions.  Thoughts are based on the Stern’s pictures and press release, and videos of the teaser trailer and and gameplay teaser.

Click here for the Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Trailer.

Click here for the Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay Teaser.



Pro Model

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $6,199

Street Price: Approximately $5,400

Premium Model

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $7,899

Street Price: Approximately $7,300

Differences from Pro: Different artwork, extra magnets, two spinners, RGB lighting, and sculpted Groot arms

Limited Edition Model

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $8,999

Street Price: Approximately $8,500

Differences from Pro: Different artwork, extra magnets, two spinners, RGB lighting, and sculpted Groot arms

Differences from Premium: Different artwork, limited to 600 units, shaker motor, mirrored backglass/translite, art blades, gold armor


Groot Head

The beautifully sculpted Groot Head Bash Toy not only talks, but also “eats” pinballs to serve as a physical ball lock as you make progress towards multi-ball.  The when multi-ball is activated, the Groot Head releases the ball through his mouth.  To see it in action, check out this video.

Rocket Figurine that Fires the Ball Back at You

Hit the Rocket target to have him fire the pinball back at your flippers.  On the Pro model the Rocket figure is static, and Premium/LE models the figurine recoils like he’s firing a gun. For a video example of the Pro model, click here.

Orb Toy

On the Pro model, the Orb is always open.  On the Premium and LE models, the Orb mechanism opens and closes to reveal the lit Infinity Stone.  Also, below the Orb is a “drop target with trip coil virtual ball lock”.  To see the ball lock in action click here.


Who doesn’t like magnets?  There is one magnet on the Pro model and three on the Premium and LE models.  Check out this video of the magnets in action!

Groot Arms

Custom molded Groot arms for the Premium and LE can be seen in the picture above, compared to the Pro model on the right that doesn’t include the Groot arms.


Here are some of the basics of the rules/code:

There are eight modes/missions – you choose your mission at the start of a game

  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Escape Kyln
  • Knowhere
  • Quill’s Quest
  • Antiquities Shop
  • Pod Chase
  • Sanctuary
  • Yaka Arrow

Hadron Enforcer

  • “Complete Hadron Enforcer targets to light Hadron Enforcer button.  Push Hadron Enforcer button to collect lit mission/multi-ball shots.”


  • Completing the NOVACORPS lanes lights the shot multipliers.  Shooting a lit multiplier makes that shot worth 2x for the remainder of the ball in play.”

There are at least two multi-balls

  • Orb Multi-ball
  • “Knock down the Orb drop target and and shoot the Orb lane to advance towards Orb Multi-ball.  Repeat three times to expose the Infinity Stone and start Orb Multi-ball.”
  • Groot Multi-ball
  • “Shoot Groot to open his mouth and lock balls.  Lock three balls to start Groot Multi-ball.”

There are two Wizard Modes

  • Immolation Initiative
  • “Start all modes/multi-balls to qualify Immolation Initiative Wizard Mode at the right scoop.”
  • Save Xander
  • “Complete all modes/multi-balls to qualify Save Xander Wizard Mode at the right scoop.”


1. The Artwork

The artwork on all three models really pops and has a ton of detail.  (Art by Christopher Franchi)

2. Quality of Toys

The Groot head and hands, the Orb toy, etc. – all toys look to be well sculpted with a lot of attention to detail and high quality.

3. Theme Integration

Between the artwork, the toys, the missions/modes, and the attention to detail, this machine really looks like the world of Guardians of the Galaxy.  As we learn more about the music, the displays, and the callouts, the theme integration could get even better than it is now.

4. The Layout

Yes, it has a lot of similarities to the layouts of Metallica and Iron Man.  But those two machines are beloved by the pinball community because of how well they shoot.  Between the drop target area to the right, Rocket firing pinballs back towards your flippers, and magnets messing with ball this will play differently than other machines with similar layouts.  (Game designed by John Borg)

5. The Theme

Theme is very subjective, but Guardians of the Galaxy is current and has a fun super hero vibe but doesn’t feel like a typical super hero type movie.  It is an action movie but has a lot of comedy in it as well, which will hopefully be incorporated into the display and callouts.


1. No Songs from Soundtrack?

The soundtrack is a large part of this film as throughout the movie the main character, Star Lord, listens to a mixed tape that his mother gave him.  He risks his life for the mixed tape at times since it serves as the connection between Star Lord and his mother.  Right now it sounds like the score of the movie will be included but not the songs from the soundtrack.  Listen to examples of the score here and here.  Does it mean the game won’t be good without songs from the soundtrack?  No of course not, but it would be better with at least a couple songs from the movie.

2. Left Ramp Flimsy?

In this slow motion video clip. the left ramp appears flimsy.  Hopefully there is a way to stabilize it so it doesn’t shake like it does in the clip.

3. Which Side Are We On?

Most of the time when a bash toy is a character, it is a “bad guy” (Balrog from Lord of the Rings, Zombie on The Walking Dead, etc.).  Why are we bashing Groot?  He seems like a nice guy/tree with a limited vocabulary.  And why is Rocket firing pinballs at us as we play?

4. Line of Sight with Groot Hands

The Groot hands on the Premium and LE look fantastic, like Groot is emerging right up through the playfield.  However, there is some concern that his hands may block your view when you’re aiming some of the shots.

5. Gold Armor on the Limited Edition

Yes this is very subjective, however, the gold armor doesn’t seem to match very well on the Limited Edition.  Maybe it will look better in person.


1. How far along is the code?

2. How will the display be integrated?

3. Who will do the callouts?

4. Will there be callouts from the movie?

5. Are there any plans to include any songs from the soundtrack in the future?


For those concerned that when Groot multi-ball starts the balls may go straight down the middle, check out this video where it appears that the magnets may activate as the balls are coming down towards the flippers causing them to be more random and avoid going down the center.

Dead Flip (Twitch, Facebook, Twitter) will be streaming the reveal stream this month, and we’re already looking forward to seeing this machine in action!

Disclaimer: All opinions are subject to change because I’m fickle with pinball machines the more I play them 🙂