Pinball Map New Locations Update: January 2024

Pinball Map New Locations Update: January 2024
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Pinball Map New Locations Update: January 2024
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Pinball Map New Locations Update: January 2024
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February 6, 2024
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February 6, 2024
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Thanks, Scott. You may rest now.

We heard your feedback last month (“great job.”) and so now we are, once again, bringing you the latest intelligence about new and notable pinball spots in North America. These places are a small gripful of the locations submitted to Pinball Map in January 2024. They run the gamut from arcades, to bar/arcades, to bar/restaurants, and also to restaurants. But wait, there may even be a sneaky surprise tucked up somewhere in there, so read on! Okay fine, it’s a mini golf place.

Thank you in advance for reading this article. We’ll see you again before any of us know it (short month, plus I’m late submitting this).

Pinhalla Pinball Pizzeria

Pinhalla Pinball Pizzeria

If you live in one of the 194(-ish) countries in the world that is not Canada, then bring your passports because we’re going to Canada! Victoria, British Columbia, shall be, for the duration of this paragraph, henceforth known as pinball’s sacred homeland of Pinhalla. Long may the foundations of Pinhalla hold. Bright and shiny may its hallowed halls (hallas?) reflect the natural light. Extended may its mighty ball saves last. Gargantuan may its slices be. In fact, Victoria shall be renamed Victory, so it can dwell close beside its foremothers in the upper chamber of the gifted tower. And so on. The point is this place is a mighty realm.

Pinhalla’s 33 machines are enough to, at first sight, whet your appetite and then afterward keep you slaked for hours to come. Also, this venue is on an island! That sounds super exotic, doesn’t it?

Gateway Pinball Arcade

Gateway Pinball Arcade

A theme this month could perhaps be places that include “pinball” in their names. No longer are venues ashamed of their pinball machines, cowering behind names like “______ Arcade” and “_____ Game _____” and “Tony’s _____ Bar”. A tide has turned and now places are proud to state, “We are, like, a pinball venue, first and foremost. And furthermore, etc.” Read on, and read up above, too, because there are an unheard of four out of seven venues in this article with “Pin*” in the name.

Once a crusty desert wasteland, Georgia is quickly becoming a pinball oasis thanks to places like Gateway Pinball Arcade and, interestingly enough, Portal Pinball Arcade. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Georgia has gateways and portals galore now, each of which will transport you to a pleasure factory filled with pinball sensations. Gateway looks cool, so stop on by?

Tin Pin Game Bar

Tin Pin Game Bar

See, I told you that Georgia is where it’s at. Tin Pin is connected to Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, which is a tin themed bar+restaurant along Tin Pan Alley which is inside Tin Acre Flats which is kitty-corner from “Eat Crap, Aluminum, This is Tin Country - Restaurant and Bistro”. The tin theme is really interesting to me because I never realized people cared so much about this element, but after thinking about it I can see why. Anyway, one look inside Tin Pin and you can see why people are flocking here. It has really neat art on the walls and a nice vibe.

Daddio's Pinball and Arcade

daddio's pinball and arcade

Darn right Daddio’s has pinball. No mistaking it. Daddio’s is a family-owned and operated arcade that was formerly a computer shop run by their dad! It’s cool that the kiddos took it over and evolved it into something hip because computer stores aren’t really what they used to be. What with Amazon and Best Buy. Also, apparently Daddio’s has machines on free play and the entrance fee is only $5 for the entire day. Maybe I’ve been living in Los Angeles ($$$$) for too long, but that seems insanely cheap. Even if they bumped it to $6 a day I doubt they’d hear any complaints. Go there!

Green Acres Mini Golf

green acres mini golf

Shifting from a venue that is an arcade to an arcade that is inside a venue (think about it), we bask in the splendor of Green Acres Mini Golf in Midland, Texas. Aside from the usual amenities, their clubhouse treads not lightly into the realm of pinball. Two machines? Nope. Try 10. Don’t like it? Not my problem. Like it? Then the first round is on us. That was me roleplaying the clubhouse manager welcoming you inside for the first time via a series of one-sided questions and answers while you stared in shock at the machines. BTW, the round in question was not mini golf or beer but Sprite.

It may be no surprise to you that I like maps. One look at this mini golf course map and I know the place is great. Looks like there’s a little desert zone up north, a bit of chaparral in the northwest, and tightly combed grass throughout.

Arcade 92 Retro Gaming Bar

arcade 92 retro gaming

This is the second Arcade 92 on the map. Is it a new location? God I hope so, or else I look like an idiot highlighting it in this article. Arcade 92 answers the immediate question on my mind, and validates my hunch, with this great blog post explaining the “92” in their name. To wit:

The “92” in Arcade 92 represents 1992, a year right in the heart of the second golden age of arcades.

That year also represents the golden age of when I was 12, which I celebrated by playing games at arcades. Now as an adult I can enjoy a cranked up version of those arcades of yore with a pint of frosty ale in de hand (that’s Dutch if you didn’t know). Arcade 92’s Flower Mound location is situated atop the hugest mound of flowers you’ll ever lay eyes on. Which makes me wonder why more cities aren’t named after their most prominent mound.

While the answer to that is unknown, I do know that Arcade 92 also has a huge array of arcade cabs, and they seem passionate about providing a top notch playing environment.

That about sums it up for January. To summarize, though: the wellspring of pinball flows steadily forth. We pray nightly that none of the above places close any time soon. We also hope that you live near them and go ASAP. If you live elsewhere, though, don’t fret because you might get lucky next month.