The Best Places Play Pinball & Arcade Games in Boise, Idaho

The Best Places Play Pinball & Arcade Games in Boise, Idaho
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The Best Places Play Pinball & Arcade Games in Boise, Idaho
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The Best Places Play Pinball & Arcade Games in Boise, Idaho
Published on
December 31, 2022
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May 6, 2024
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Boise, Idaho is a stunning city that offers visitors something for everyone. From the lush forests of Bogus Basin to the famous Boise River, there are plenty of outdoor activities to explore and enjoy. The downtown area provides great restaurants and shops, as well as various entertainment venues like music halls, theaters, and art galleries. And at night, you can find some of the best live music in town!

Boise is no stranger to the arcade and pinball scene, either, particularly if you look beyond Boise proper and investigate nearby communities like Nampa. So if you're looking to play some pinball or arcade games in Boise, here are 5 great places to check out.

Idaho Pinball Museum (aka Ugly Gold Couch)

idaho pinball museum boise

Why You Should Play Pinball at the Idaho Pinball Museum

Idaho is home to many quirky and interesting attractions, and the Idaho Pinball Museum is no exception. This large pinball arcade and museum is located just outside of Boise in Garden City, ID. With over 70 active pinball machines on location (the largest collection in Boise), there's something for everyone. Best of all, the games are on free play with a donation at the door. In addition to offering leagues and tournaments, the Idaho Pinball Museum is also a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation of pinball. So if you're in the area, be sure to check it out. Just remember to BYOB and bring your own food. Trust us, it's worth it.

Idaho Pinball Museum Address

4902 W Chinden Blvd

Boise, ID 83714

Pinball Machines at Idaho Pinball Museum


Jeremy's Downtown Arcade

jeremy's downtown arcade nampa idaho pinball

Why You Should Play Pinball at Jeremy's Downtown Arcade

Jeremy's Downtown Arcade in Nampa Idaho is the place to be for pinball aficionados in Nampa. The arcade features an impressive collection of machines, boasting 13 unique pinball titles such as Capcom's Breakshot and Gottlieb's Surf 'N Safari and Gold Wings. That the games are on free play with only a small cover fee at the door makes Jeremy's Downtown Arcade an attractive destination for players in search of some arcade action. The joint also offers a range of classic and modern video arcade games, but unlike other venues one may find elsewhere it has no restaurant attached nor any form of bar - Jeremy's Downtown Arcade is all about the games, nothing else!

Jeremy's Downtown Arcade Address

206C 12th Ave S

Nampa, ID 83651

Pinball Machines at Jeremy's Downtown Arcade


Jumpin' Janet's

jumpin' janet's pinball dive bar arcade boise idaho

Why You Should Play Pinball at Jumpin Janet's

Boise pinball aficionados, rejoice! Jumpin' Janet's is a friendly dive bar that features an impressive selection of nine pinball machines, and no matter your skill level you're sure to find something suited to your needs.

The collection consists of mostly newer Stern games but Jumpin' Janet's also boasts a couple of the latest Jersey Jack and Spooky pinball machines. But it doesn't just stop there; Jumpin' Janet's also has several pool tables for those who prefer billiards, a full bar and some classic sports bar style food such as nachos and sandwiches on offer too.

If you'd rather watch the game than participate Jumpin' Janet's have all you covered with plenty of TVs scattered throughout the venue. They even host regular pinball league and tournament events so competitive players can put their skills to the test!

Jumpin Janet's Address

574 S Vista Ave

Boise, ID 83705

Pinball Machines at Jumpin Janet's


Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Why You Should Play Pinball at Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Woodland Empire is a small craft brewery and taproom located in Boise, Idaho. Woodland Empire is your typical brewcade (Brewery + Arcade) with a focus on its six well-curated pinball machines, including newer Sterns such as Deadpool and underrated classics like Data East's Lethal Weapon 3. But perhaps what really sets Woodland Empire apart is that you can bring your furry friend; Woodland Empire is totally dog friendly! No food on site, but you can order from Manfred's Catering, just next door, and they'll deliver your meal to your seat.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft Address

1114 West Front St

Boise, ID 83702

Pinball Machines at Woodland Empire Ale Craft


Spacebar Arcade

spacebar arcade boise idaho pinball barcade

Why You Should Play Pinball at Spacebar Arcade

Spacebar Arcade is a fun space-themed barcade concept with a mix of classic arcade games, pinball tables, and more. When they were last open, Spacebar had a collection of 8 pinball machines focused on a handful of newer Stern Pinball titles and a mix of classics like Bally's Paragon and Williams' Space Shuttle. Spacebar also offers a full bar with craft beers, cocktails, wine and more.

Spacebar is a strictly 21+ adults-only location, so no kids here.

Spacebar Arcade Address

200 N Capitol Blvd

Boise, ID 83702

Pinball Machines at Spacebar Arcade


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