Pulp Fiction Pinball Deep Dive!

Pulp Fiction Pinball Deep Dive!
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Pulp Fiction Pinball Deep Dive!
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Pulp Fiction Pinball Deep Dive!
Published on
March 14, 2023
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March 14, 2023
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Pulp Fiction Pinball is the newest creation from Play Mechanix and Chicago Gaming Company!  Below is an in-depth overview of the machine, and a dive into the features and rules – check it out!

Overview of Pulp Fiction Pinball

Pulp Fiction Special Edition
Pulp Fiction Limited Edition
Pulp Fiction Playfield

Pulp Fiction Pinball Price

Special Edition- MSRP: $7,999

Bad Mother Flipper Limited Edition – MSRP: $9,499

Who’s Who

  • Game Design: Mark Ritchie
  • Programmer: George Petro
  • Rules Design: Josh Sharpe
  • Sound Design: David Thiel
  • Artwork: Scott Pikulski
  • Manufactured and Distributed: Chicago Gaming Company


All Models:

  • 250+ Iconic Lines of Pulp Fiction Dialogue Featuring 19 Movie Characters
  • 5 Licensed Songs from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack – Comanche, Jungle Boogie, Misirlou, Son of a Preacher Man & You Never Can Tell
  • Mirrored Backglass with Custom Hand-Drawn Artwork from Pulp Fiction’s Legendary Jack Rabbit Slim’s Dance Scene
  • Retro 13-Segment Alphanumeric LED Scoring Displays
  • Classic Pinball-Inspired Cabinet & Backbox with Custom Hand-Drawn Pulp Fiction Artwork
  • RGB LED General Illumination Lighting, Lower Arch, and Inserts
  • CoinUp Online Connectivity
  • Pawn Shop with 3 Drop Targets and 3-Ball Subway Locking Assembly
  • Custom Sculpted “Royale With Cheese” Burger
  • Upper saucer for character start
  • 3 Pop bumpers
  • 2 Big Kahuna Bonus stand-up targets
  • 4 Memory Inline Drop Targets
  • 3-Ball Briefcase Locking Assembly
  • Custom Sculpted Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield Figures
  • 2 Adrenaline Heart Hall Effect Spinners
  • Drop target and saucer for Roll Scene area
  • Illuminated Gold Watch
  • Gun Magnet Capable of Catching & Throwing Pinballs

Bad Mother Flipper Limited Edition Model:

  • Limited to 1,000
  • Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Game Designer Mark Ritchie
  • Pulp Fiction Pinball Promotional Banner
  • Custom Sculpted Bad Mother Flipper Wallet with Exclusive Limited Edition Plaque
  • Interior Mirror Blades
  • Shaker Motor
  • Vintage Chrome Speaker Grill with Play Mechanix Pinball & Chicago Gaming Company Medallions
  • Jack Rabbit Slim’s Topper Featuring Custom Sculpted Vincent Vega & Mia Wallace Dancing Figurines, Custom Sculpted Classic Car Models with Flashing Headlights, Jack Rabbit Slim’s Neon Sign with Scintillating Starfield & RGB LED Lighting
Interactive Topper

Rules and Code

Josh Sharpe developed an approachable rule set that is both intuitive and deep enough to engage even the most skilled player.

Skill Shot

Make the top saucer with 5 arrows lit to score the skill shot.

1-2-3-4 Lanes

Advances Bonus X, lights Extra Ball, and lights Royale With Cheese Hurry-up.

Big Kahuna Bonus

Make the upper left and right targets, then hit the right magnet target for 2x, 3x scoring.

Briefcase Boogie Multiball

Lock 3 balls in the left saucer for start of Briefcase Boogie Multiball.

Royale W/ Cheese

Awards Hurry-Up points, lights Super Spinners, and lights Gun Bonus.

Roll Scene

Right drop target lights Roll Scene. Make the right saucer to start 1 of 5 Roll Scene modes.

Cast Chaos Multiball

Start 1-5 characters at the top saucer. Collect characters to light at the right saucer. When all 5 characters are lit, shoot the right saucer again for Cast Chaos Multiball.

Pulp Fiction Frenzy

Make all 7 red arrow targets to advance P-U-L-P F-I-C-T-I-O-N spell out. Shoot the Pawn Shop for Pulp Fiction Frenzy.

Pawn Shop Panic Multiball

Make 3-bank drop targets to light locks. Lock 3 balls into the Pawn Shop for Pawn Shop Panic Multiball. Shoot 3-bank targets again to re-lock and advance to light Payoff shots for big points.

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