Silver Falls Deep Dive!

Silver Falls Deep Dive!
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Silver Falls Deep Dive!
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Silver Falls Deep Dive!
Published on
June 28, 2021
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June 28, 2021
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Silver Falls is the most recent creation for the P3 Platform!  Below is an in-depth overview of the machine, and a dive into the features and rules – check it out!

NOTE: A huge thank you to creator Nick Baldridge for the information below!

Silver Falls Overview

Pricing and Availability

Price: $150

Availability: Available today!*  


*Link goes LIVE at 8:00PM Eastern

*Note that the P3 platform and Heist module are required.

Who’s Who


Create a character by choosing an avatar from one of 24 options, 3 appearance options, and 6 voices.  Team Game (co-op) play, per profile or per game adjustable difficulty.  Virtual targets, crane interaction, wall and scoop interaction, Twitch-connect features, separate high score tables per room and overall, a low-poly 3D aesthetic, and a unique chillhop soundtrack by Scott Danesi!!

Start a new life, today!

Each character has three appearance options:

Welcome to Silver Falls!!

Rules and Code

Silver Falls is a pinball simulation for your P3 system.   A more relaxed game than many modern pinball games, your primary goal is to travel from room to room, earning points (known as PinBucks) used in a shop to populate the room.  Each room has separate furniture or appliances to add.  Once all items are purchased (reducing your total PinBucks), a special time-limited mode will start.  Hitting the indicated targets within the allotted time allows you to move to the next room.  Moving to the next room awards an Extra Ball (by default).

Your starting room

Once you’ve created your character, launching a ball will allow the crane to sweep out (once per ball).  Hitting the crane will grant you a 10 second 2x playfield multiplier.  You may also enable this multiplier by spelling M-O-R-E C-A-S-H at the side targets.  If the multiplier is active, the lamps flash white, and the side targets disappear.  Once the multiplier times out, default scoring resumes and the side targets return.

Crane mid-sweep

Each shot awards a randomized range of PinBucks specific to that shot.  Orbits are worth more than standup targets, and ramps are worth more than orbits.  For each shot completed, in most scenes, the game will choose a second shot to award a flat point value larger than the typical award for those shots.  These combos are lucrative, and chasing them provides an excellent risk/reward.  Each combo is indicated by a large animated arrow and flashing lights for the higher-valued shot.

Combo – mid-flash

In order to access the shop, the player needs to knock on the Jail door.  By default, knock three times to open the door, then shooting the ball into the Jail will bring them to the shop interface.  The number of hits required to open the Jail door is configurable.  If the owner or operator finds the game too challenging overall, the number of hits needed to open the door can be reduced to 2 or 1.  This can also be set on a particular profile.  For example, the player can set up a profile that requires 1 hit to open the Jail, but any new player requires the standard 3.

In the shop interface, the game indicates items the player can purchase by flashing the launch button and changing the playfield lamps green.  Red indicates an item that has either previously been purchased or costs more PinBucks than the player currently holds.

The inlanes and outlanes allow the player to spell “B-U-C-K” for a quick award of PinBucks.

Each room has separate features.  For example, the Living Room has a TV that turns on and off when rolled over, while in the bathroom, the toilet can open or flush.  Many of these items have special lighting effects.

After exiting the shop, but before turning the TV on

Backglass view with TV on

The wizard mode is a three ball multiball mode, and a random wall will appear every few seconds to block certain shots.  Complete 40 indicated shots to proceed.

PinBuck awards can also be multiplied per game or per profile in increments of 0.1% from 1.0-2.0.  This means that players can earn up to 4x the standard number of PinBucks per shot if the playfield multiplier is active.

The upper flipper operates in the same way as Heist, on a separate button.  This allows for much more player control, returning the ball exactly where the player needs to set up their next, most lucrative, shot.

Tllt ends the current ball in play, but there are no tilt warnings available.

Multiple players are supported (default 4, configurable up to 9).  Each player can have the previously mentioned difficulty adjustments set in their profiles, as well as disabling extra balls and ball save.

As with other games on the P3 platform, USB and Bluetooth headphone support are enabled.  Operators can disable this support, change the maximum number of players (up to 9), disable extra balls, disable ball save, as well as the typical range of free play and coin options.  Extra balls, the previously mentioned difficulty options, and ball save can be set per profile.

Twitch-connect allows viewers of streams, when the feature is enabled, to send the crane out to allow a quick shot for a 2x playfield multiplier, inverted and no-hold flippers, and disabling the image on screen.  Viewers can also send between 1-99 PinBucks.  Each of these features has a configurable cooldown time, and can be monetized if partnered with Twitch.

Still with me? Or have you —

More Information

For those that might be interested in working with Multimorphic as a 3rd party developer, they offer a free SDK on their website at and the tools to get started are also all free.

If you would like to contact Nick Baldridge with questions or suggestions, you may email him at