Stranger Things Deep Dive! In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!

Stranger Things Deep Dive! In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!
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Stranger Things Deep Dive! In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!
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Stranger Things Deep Dive! In Depth Overview of the Machine, Features, Rules, and More!
Published on
December 30, 2019
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December 30, 2019
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Overview of Stranger Things

Pro/Premium/Limited Edition

Pro/Premium/Limited Edition

Pro/Premium/Limited Edition

Pro Playfield

Premium Playfield

Limited Edition Playfield


  • Pro
    • MSRP: $6,099
    • Street Price: ~ $5,700-$5,900
  • Premium
    • MSRP: $7,699
    • Street Price: ~ $7,400-$7,600
  • Limited Edition
    • MSRP: $9,099
    • Street Price: ~ $8,900-$9,099

Who’s Who


All Models:

  • Six balls
  • Two flippers
  • Theme song from Stranger Things
  • Film clips from Stranger Things
  • Custom callouts from David Harbour (Police Chief Jim Hopper)
  • Sculpted Demogorgon
  • Four bank of drop targets guarding the Demogorgon
  • Transforming ramp that opens to battle Demogorgon
  • Demodog spinner
  • Ball eject feature that shoots the ball into the drop targets
  • Two pop bumpers plus sling

Premium/LE Models:

  • Projector that displays images and animations on ramps and targets
  • Eleven’s telekinetic physical magnetic ball lock
  • Sculpted Demogorgon shakes and moves

Limited Edition Model:

  • Mirrored backglass
  • LE inner art blades
  • Upgraded speaker system
  • Anti-reflection glass
  • Shaker motor
  • High gloss purple powder coated armor
  • Autographs by Gary Stern and Brian Eddy
  • Limited to 500

Rules and Code

Main Objective

“Save Will, destroy the Demogorgans and Demodogs, and close the gate to save the town of Hawkins from being overtaken by the Upside Down.”

Skill Shots

The main skill shot is to plunge into the lit insert roving at the drop targets, and there is at least one additional secret skill shot.

Chapter Modes

There are twelve chapter modes, all are taken from the show. There are six from season one and six from season two.

There are two sets of modes – one on the left side of the game (season one, in orange) and one of the right side of the game (season two, in yellow).

Season One Modes:

Season Two Modes:

To start a mode, you must light the inserts corresponding to the shots on either the left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, or right orbit. Once all three inserts are lit, shoot that shot one more time to automatically start a mode.

Once you start one mode on a shot (left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, or right orbit), that shot will stay lit. You must play a mode on each of the other shots before they original shot “unlights” so you can use that shot to start a second mode.

Modes are timed and you do not need to finish them to progress through the game. They are typically 30-45 seconds each. You cannot stack chapter modes.

Lit modes are random at the start of the game and can be changed in the pop bumpers.

The Upside Down

The Upside Down mode happens throughout the game at random times – just like in the show, you’ll flip into the Upside Down. During this mode there are high point hurry up shots to make, then you’ll flip back into the real world. No progress will be made for other modes during the Upside Down mode. Check out an example of the Upside Down mode here!

Demodog Modes

There are three different Demodog modes:

To start a Demodog mode you must complete the D-E-M-O-D-O-G stand up targets located throughout the playfield, and shoot the left lane to start a Demodog mode.

Demogorgon Modes

There are five different Demogorgon modes:

They get progressively more difficult. Some are single ball, some are multiballs. To start Demogorgon modes, you knock down the four bank of drop targets, and you spell words that are up on the screen – for example “WILL RUN!” and “WILL LOOK OUT!” and “WILL LOOK OUT! RUN!”

To start the first Demogorgon mode you have to complete the drop target banks twice, then shoot up the middle to start the mode. Destroy the Demogorgon by shooting the pinball into its mouth.

Mystery and Extra Ball Shot

The mystery and extra ball shot are at the same shot as the Demodog mode start shot, at the left loop. One way to light extra ball is by completing Chapter modes. The extra ball animation is a throw back to Attack from Mars – check it out!

Burn it Back Loop

Shoot the burn it back loop to get playfield multipliers, light outlane ball saver on the left outlane (called Spell of Protection), and other awards.

Eject Kickout

The left eject kickout will shoot the ball into the drop targets. It will also start your 2X playfield when it is lit, and is the super jackpot target in Telekinesis multiball.

Light Mystery, Increase Bonus Multiplier

Complete bottom inlanes and outlanes to light mystery and increase the end of ball bonus multiplier.

Grow Dart

Shoot right orbit and into pop bumpers to grow Dart and activate Super Pops.

Five Multiballs

There are five multiballs in the game. Modes cannot be started while in a multiball but if a mode is running you can bring in a multiball and stack them.

Telekenesis Multiball

Light lock by shooting the stand up targets at the entrance to the left ramp, and then shoot up the left ramp to lock three balls to start Telekenesis multiball.

During this multiball, shoot lit shots to score jackpots. After five jackpots, the eject shot on the left lights for a super jackpot. If you shoot the left ramp and lock a ball before shooting the left eject shot, you’ll score a double super jackpot. Add-a-ball can be achieved through the mystery award.

Check out a video of Telekenesis multiball here, which includes how to get the double super jackpot!

Demogorgon Battle(s)

At least one of the Demogorgon Battles is a multiball (Trap ‘Em).

Send it Back Wizard Mode

Wizard mode for completing Chapters 1-6 (see below).

Light the Fire Wizard Mode

Wizard mode for completing Chapters 7-12 (see below).

Final Showdown Wizard Mode

Final wizard mode (see below).

Mini Wizard Modes

Total Isolation Mini Wizard Mode:

Play one mode on each of the shots, then shoot the left ramp to start Total Isolation, a high paced multiball. Check out this mode here, right after a sweeeet drop catch by Jack Danger!

__________ Mini Wizard Mode:

Play two modes on each of the shots, then shoot the left ramp to start a mini wizard mode.

One more?

Stay tuned…

Send It Back Wizard Mode

Play all Chapter modes (modes 1-6) in season 1 to play Send it Back!

Light the Fire Wizard Mode

Play all Chapter modes (modes 7-12) in season 2 to play Light the Fire!

Final Showdown Wizard Mode

Play all Chapter modes, Demogorgon modes and Demodog modes, plus get a five way combo, plus play Telekenesis multiball to qualify Final Showdown to shut the gate to the Upside Down!