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Stranger Things Details
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Stranger Things Details
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Stranger Things Details
Published on
December 19, 2019
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December 19, 2019
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[Note: the following was a LE/Insider message from yesterday, I have decided to make this one public]

Stranger Things

We have some great info on the upcoming Stranger Things pinball machine from Stern!

First a few things I don’t have much info on:


Supposed to be colorful.


It sounds like movie clips will be shown/played on areas of the playfield (more on that below), so whatever that means asset-wise sounds promising, and Wynona Ryder is on the machine.


The Pro is supposed to be streamed first.

Announcement Date

No idea.  Sounds like soon and I can’t wait.

Now to the good stuff!


Fan layout to feel like Attack from Mars and Medieval Madness – looks like a flowy Brian Eddy game.

The main toy is up the middle – a Demogorgon toy behind a wall with drop targets, which is Hawkins Lab – it is the entrance into the Upside Down.  You are trying to destroy Demogorgon at the center, and you need to get the ball in the Demogorgon’s mouth to destroy him.

There are three places the ball can be held in a scoop/saucer, including one up the center to the Demogorgon/under the Demogorgon.


The Upside Down: The Upside Down is randomized and turns off and on, it happens at random points in the game, it could happen at any time.  It’s a hurry up mode and you have to do something immediately to get out of the upside down then you get back to the real world.

Movie projector on Premium/LE: a first in pinball, a movie projector under the bottom art (apron it sounds like!) – you can’t see it but it is projecting out onto the playfield.  There is a screen on the front of Hawkins lab that opens up as a movie screen.  The projector also projects onto other surfaces in the game including ramps and drop targets and stand up targets.  When the game is not on, these surfaces for the screens will be white.

Premium/LE Differences

EDIT: We are hearing that the movie projector feature will only be on the PREMIUM/LE, not on the PRO version

It sounds like the differences won’t be immediately noticeable between the Pro and the Premium/LE.  On the Premium/LE, there is a telekinesis ball lock – there is a shot up the left ramp that when you shoot it, the ball will stick to the back panel as a ball lock.  It simulates Eleven’s telekinesis powers.  You can do two balls, then three balls, then start telekinesis multiball.  The other main difference is the Demogorgon shakes and animates on the Premium/LE.


They have not finalized how many MB will be in the game, at least 5, maybe 6.  There are over 40 modes – close to 50 – as they are trying to keep it interesting for a long time for those that purchase for their home.  The wizard modes are “very deep” into it, and there are lots of goals along the way.

Really looking forward to seeing this machine soon!!