The Pinball Mountain / Horrorhouse Fest & Halloween

The Pinball Mountain / Horrorhouse Fest & Halloween
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The Pinball Mountain / Horrorhouse Fest & Halloween
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The Pinball Mountain / Horrorhouse Fest & Halloween
Published on
November 19, 2021
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November 19, 2021
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NOTE: This is a follow up to Immersive Pinball, Adam Sandler, and The Pinball Mountain.

After a wild summer/fall in pinball, The Pinball Mountain is complete! The cabinet and all the immersion we planned to add in made it’s debut at Horrorhouse Fest at Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown. UV reactive paint in the alien skies of the upper playfield illuminates when the magic shot is hit, and audio to match screams out on the opposite side of the room – glorious! To compliment the experience we brought in a few gold miners to freak people out while they played. The event was outstanding, and though a few pinball poltergeists attempted to steal the show, the players were the real winners!

What also made it’s debut at HHF is the dream job contract I landed right after the first posting of the progress on The Pinball Mountain in spring… ‘John Carpenters Halloween”! My role being the Animator, UI designer and SFX developer! A moment in my life I’ll never forget, and one I for sure wanted to put in the shining light, complete with Michael Myers, who killed everyone who beat the Night Mutilators scores.

Next up, and one which will also get it’s glorious debut in December, is part 2 to “The Pinball Mountain”, titled “Gnarly”. Another re-theme, this time based on Jumping Jack as it’s starting off point. Debbie Clapper, aka Gneural flew into town this past week and we’ve nearly completed everything as the pics reveal! The theme goes along with my video game version of “The Pinball Mountain”, level 2 to be precise, which had a heavy influence from Marble Madness. Very excited to reveal what all this madness is for, but it’s indeed all made this pandemic time a bit more interesting, to say the least!

“We for sure consider this game the NFT of pinball, but only in immersive pinball reality 😉

Gnarley Credits:

Game Original Design: Ed Krynski – Jumping Jack

Game Re-Design: Ryan Policky (Level 2 of The Pinball Mountain)

Artwork: gneural – aka Debbie Clapper

Clear Coat: Peter Hemley

Re-Engineering & Lighting: Night Mutilator

by Ryan Policky, aka the Night Mutilator

Follow more of this re-theming project, future pinball plans, twitch streams by the Night Mutilator, alongside our on-going pinball theatrical immersion at