Zombie League All Stars and All Star Baseball - Machines Shipping!

Zombie League All Stars and All Star Baseball - Machines Shipping!
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Zombie League All Stars and All Star Baseball - Machines Shipping!
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Zombie League All Stars and All Star Baseball - Machines Shipping!
Published on
January 15, 2018
Updated on
January 15, 2018
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Gizmo Game Design was founded in 2016 with the goal to “bring back vintage novelty games with a modern twist”.  They decided to create a modern day “pitch and bat” style baseball pinball machine.

Not sure what a “pitch and bat” style pinball machine is?  Watch this 45 second gameplay video of United Deluxe Super Slugger from 1955.

Gizmo partnered up with Valley Dynamo to manufacturer two brand new pitch and bat style machines:


And guess who has started production and shipping??  Well if you didn’t guess the games we just mentioned you made a bad guess.

All Star Baseball began shipping in December, and Zombie League All Stars should be shipping this month!

Let’s take a closer look at these simple but fun and addicting games!



The MSRP is $6,499 with a street price somewhere in the mid-$5,000 range.  Click here to locate a dealer.  Since these are new, if the dealer is not aware of these games, contact Valley Dynamo.

Who’s Who

Dennis Nordman: “Production Visionary”

Paul Reno: Technical “Guru”

Tom Taylor: “Detail Guy”

Kerry Imming: Software

Jerry Thompson: Voices & Sound

Zombie Yeti: Artwork & Graphics


(Features are from the Valley Dynamo website.)

  • One Player mode to sharpen your skills. The game randomly selects the pitch.
  • Two Player mode to encourage friendly competition. The players select the pitch.
  • In Two Player Mode, you play head-to-head against an opponent – one player pitches and the other player bats.
  • Home Run Derby mode tests your long ball ability. Only home runs score.
  • Adjustable pitch speeds and bat strength.
  • Three different pitches – fast, slow, or curve ball.
  • Three home run ramps to test your skill.
  • Animated 3D base runners that pop up and circle the bases.
  • Announcer, Umpire and Fan reaction to enhance the game experience.
  • Fireworks and flashbulbs for an exciting home run celebration.
  • A High Score display to challenge other players.
  • A convenient footprint to allow placement with other games.
  • Free play or coin operated. DBV ready.
  • Adjustable game pricing.


According to the Valley Dynamo website, “ALL STAR BASEBALL offers the traditional feel of the ballpark with a perfectly manicured infield and a lush green outfield. The player’s uniforms and positions take us right to the front row of the action. The only things missing are the popcorn and hot dogs. The cabinet art reminds us that baseball is the American pastime with its red, white and blue design. Fans of all ages will flock to the turnstiles to play this game.”


Again according to the Valley Dynamo website, “ZOMBIE LEAGUE ALL STARS brings a new twist to a familiar game designed to capitalize on today’s fascination with Zombies. The game brings fast paced Zombie action with a sense of humor including spooky sounds and music, and thunderous Home Run celebrations. It has the same exciting game play experience as ALL STAR BASEBALL, but these players only come out at night. The highly detailed art includes everything you would expect at Graveyard Park. The more you look, the more you see.”

Check out this video of the machines from IAAPA 2017!