Klassic Arcade 2.0

206 South State St

Gobles, MI 49055

Last updated:

October 24, 2023

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About Klassic Arcade 2.0

What’s better than a classic arcade? An even bigger classic arcade. Klassic Arcade 2.0 in Gobles, MI is double the size of the original location, making it one of the largest pinball emporiums in the state. With great finds like Tron, Satan's Hollow, Joust, Crystal Castles, and Popeye all set to free play for one low price, you can bring the kids out and finally beat them – this time on flippers and joysticks. Klassic is also scooping ice cream and has over 200 flavors of glass bottled soda pop. If the pinball doesn’t trigger your nostalgia, Michigan’s own Faygo cream soda will.

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