Batman 66 Batcave Spinner Upgrade Kit

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Holly Stalagmites Batman!!! The "Batman 66 Batcave Spinner" is finally Done!! This mod took me a bit longer because it introduced Several variables that I needed to consider for All interested. As we know the Batmobile Car (toy) mounted on our stock disk comes in MANY flavors, colors, makes, etc. The kit as shown includes a diamond plate Translucent mask decal for correct playfield detail.  The mask really accents the Batmobile parked on a mechanical type platform while still offering a clear view of the turntable below!! Then to highlight the Batcave look we have a Hand Painted set of rock walls (cave stalagmite forms) accenting the turn table similar to the Real Batcave. In Mod Couple fashion Please also notice the Very subtle raised and detailed Bat Logo in both walls of the Batcave for that Finished look!! Reminder, NO 2 rocks are the same! Each rock is hand painted and unique. While not the most extreme mod upgrade the simplicity, in our view, fully completes the Batcave look Especially if you have the Awesome Atomic Pile in the background! Minor note, we did not like the shiny stock screws so Black replacements will be included in every kit. Kit includes (2) Custom Batcave walls, (1) platform diamond plate decal, (2) Black finish screws, Custom Clear Pinstriped Spinner disk and of coarse my Detailed color instructions!  Note:  Basic Batcave rock kit with decal is also available without the spinner disk should you not wish to transfer your batmobile over.  (Car Not included!)  Fits All models Premium, LE, and SLE!


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