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Batman 66

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The Batman 66 pinball machine by Stern, released in December 2016, is based on the classic 1966 TV series. Designed by George Gomez, it features custom voice work by Adam West and includes dynamic LCD animations, two ramps, six multiball modes, and themed callouts by original cast members. The game is part of Stern's SPIKE 2 system and showcases vibrant artwork by Christopher Franchi. With its rich theming and engaging gameplay, it has become a popular collector's item among pinball enthusiasts​.

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Batman 66 is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2016. Concept by Joe Kaminkow. Design by George Gomez. Art by Christopher Franchi. Code by Lyman F. Sheats Jr.. Sound by Jerry Thompson. Callouts by Rick Zieff. Animation by Zac Stark.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Batman 66 Design Team

Joe Kaminkow
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Batman 66 Rules

Skill Shots

When you plunge a ball from the shooter lane, the number of lit Bat Signal lights correspond to how many top lanes will be lit for a skill shot.

Major Villain Modes

Shooting Major Villain Shots (Joker, Catwoman, Ridder, and Penguin) the required amount of times will start the Batphone. Shoot the Batphone to start that Major Villain Mode.

Villain Multiball

During any Major Villain mode shoot the lock targets on the turntable to light Locks. Shoot Right Orbit to lock a ball. Locking three balls starts Villain Multiball.


Completing the GADGET standups will award a Gadget.

Minor Villain Modes

Shoot the three TV targets to light Minor Villain Modes at the top saucer.

Bat Turn

Shoot the Batmobile Spinner to advance towards Bat Turn.

Shot Multiplier

Shoot the Commissioner Gordon target 3 times to light Shot Multiplier

Mystery Award

Complete the four return lanes lights to light Mystery at the top saucer.

TV and Channel Changing

The current mode that's running will be in the big TV on the LCD screen. If you stack other modes, the most recently started mode will be in the big TV and the other(s) will be in the little TV's surrounding it.

How to Play Batman 66

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