Batman 66 KaBoom Custom Lockdown Bar Badge

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The Batman 66 KaBoom Bar Badge is Here!  After receiving our Awesome LE the one stand out "what the $^%@" for us was the boring lock-down bar sticker with elevated button.  Just seems out of place and a last minute detail addition. Soo, in Mod Couple fashion we decided to create our own theme correct variation!  The KaBoom Badge is completely plug and play as always. Goes over your existing Stern sticker to keep your games purity (or SLE value) and fits like a glove with the exact same button and bar socket profile as the original black spacer. 5 minute installation.  3D profiled with random raised lettering. Each mod is Hand painted to Batman styling.  Badge is also angle shaped to match the lock-down bar profile on all sides.  For that final touch a clear print "KaBoom" decal is also included to accent your existing mechanical button for a uniform authentic look!  Bash those villains with style! Bam!!!


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