Bond 007 Dragon Tank

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Upgrade your Bond premium or Le Dragon Tank with this beautiful design model.

Our 007 Dragon Tank is modeled out of ABS resin so it can take a beating from your balls.... not sure that's the proper wording but I'm no wordsmith.

Each Tank will be airbrushed, then hand painted details add along with oil stains , rust marks and bumps and scratches that were acquired chasing down MI6's top agent. After that process the model will be locked down with UV resistance clear.

The lighting effects will be , Dragon lite eyes in the turret, red 3mm red leds for flamethrower that will work off the stand up target independently.


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Great hand painted detail at great price


Diddy is all about the details. Mod multiple mods from him. This one is great as it is a HUGE upgrade and feasibly priced. Multiple tank mods out there, Diddy’s is perfect mix of craftsmanship and value.

November 28, 2023
shannon allmon