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James Bond 007

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Relive moments from the six Sean Connery James Bond films. Defeat villains and thwart SPECTRE's plans with a little help from Q's gadgets.

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James Bond 007 is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2022. Design by George Gomez. Mechanics by Elliot Eismin, Robert Blakeman, Harrison Drake, John Rotharmel, Tom Kopera. Art by Kevin O'Connor. Code by Lonnie D. Ropp, Mike Vinikour. Sound by Ken Hale, Jerry Thompson.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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James Bond 007 Rules

James Bond 007 Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

Learn the quick rules to James Bond 007 Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.


Villain Modes

  • Shoot the villain ramp, bottom right ramp, 3 times
  • Ball will be stopped in the right inlane for presentation of mode
  • Shoot lit shots to complete the mode; progress bar displayed on screen

Henchmen Modes

  • Shoot the henchmen ramp, side ramp, once
  • Ball will be stopped in the right inlane for presentation of mode
  • Shoot lit shots to complete the mode; progress bar displayed on screen

The first Henchmen mode takes only one shot to the side ramp, but each mode after that takes more shots to start.

Q Branch Gadget Modes

  • Complete pops, spinner, orbits, “Goldfinger” target, Bird One, and Jetpack to light Gadget Modes at the DB5
  • Shoot the DB5 scoop to start the mode
  • Certain Gadget modes graduate into 2 or 4 ball multiballs


Bird One Multiball is the 3 ball multiball.

  • Knock down the drop targets in front of the rocket
  • Shoot the center shot between the rocket and the Dragon tank to lock balls
  • Locking 3 balls starts the multiball
  • Jackpots at lit shots; collecting all jackpots starts another level of jackpots
  • Super jackpot awards more depending on how many levels of the jackpots were collected

Completing the SPECTRE targets before starting the Bird One Multiball will increase jackpot values.

Jetpack Multiball is a 2 ball multiball.

  • Drop the ball in the inverted scoop under the top flipper to light Jetpack
  • Shoot the left orbit to the jetpack 3 times to have the ball grabbed by the jetpack magnet
  • Shoot the Dragon tank target to drop the ball from the jetpack


  • Completing different movie related features light the Bond Girls to be collected
  • Shooting the upper orbit under the pops collects the Bond Girl
  • Press the Action Button when lit, to start a timed Playfield Multiplier. Each lit character adds 1x. Light all for 7x scoring.

Extra Balls:

Light an extra ball at ???

  • Multiple shots to the upper loop

How to Play James Bond 007

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  • Shoot the right ramp twice to start villain modes. Follow the lit arrows to complete them and shoot flashing shots for more points. A percentage of the points awarded during villain modes are scored in end-of-ball bonus.
  • Shoot the side ramp for henchmen modes, which behave very similarly to villain modes but with different shot sequences. Only one side ramp shot is required for the first henchman mode.
  • Shoot the left eject to light the left ramp for Jetpack Multiball. Shoot the center loop quickly to lock in the value and make the flashing shots for jackpots, with a super jackpot & add-a-ball available after scoring enough.
  • Complete the drop targets and lock 3 balls at the center loop for Bird 1 Multiball. Make three jackpot shots from the upper flipper before time runs out for a multiball extension, and light the super jackpot at the rocket by scoring lit jackpot shots.
  • Play one villain mode, one henchman mode, and both multiballs to light the right ramp and left eject for Bond, James Bond multiball. Within just over a minute, complete every shot twice followed by the side ramp in this 2-ball multiball. 
  • Complete the SPECTRE targets to increase the Bird 1 Multiball jackpot values and light the Goldfinger target for SPECTRE weapon hurry-ups. The three hurry-ups on the left side of the circle are the most valuable.
  • Various shots around the playfield correspond to different Q Branch gadget modes and Bond Women lit at the upper loop. Shoot the upper loop when flashing to collect Bond Women, then press the action button to activate them for a timed playfield multiplier – up to 7x!

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