Foo Fighters Foo-Bomb LED Topper

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You're hardly a Foo Fighter without a Foo-Bomb in your arsenal! Completely custom made and fully interactive with your Stern Foo Fighters Pinball machine. This topper works with all models of the FF machine and allows you to select your choice of LED color, or switch to interactive lighting and let the music take control of it. The topper is held to the top of the machine with 2x 60lb strength magnets and plugs effortlessly into the open USB port in the backboard. All you have to do to install the topper is remove the 2 topper screws already installed in the top of the backboard as well as the hole plug and your all set. This topper isn't complete without the Overlords Remote case which houses the LED remote and features a authentic vintage vacuum tube, (be careful with that tube because it is real and will break if you drop the remote), the remote case has 2 magnets built in as well so you can keep it tucked away inside of your machine or display it securely on top of the machine right next to your topper.


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