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Foo Fighters

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Join the Foo Fighters as they tour the US in search of an alien overlord threatening to reformat the world population. Inspired by 80s Saturday morning cartoons and designed by pinball influencer Jack Danger.

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Foo Fighters is a pinball machine manufactured by Stern Pinball Inc. in 2023. Design by Jack Danger. Art by Jeremy Packer (Zombie Yeti). Code by Tanio Klyce, Raymond Davidson. Sound by Bob Baffy. Music by Tanio Klyce. Callouts by Brendon Small.
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Stern Pinball Inc.
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Solid State
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Foo Fighters Rules

Foo Fighters Pinball – Quick Rules (3M’s and Extra Ball)

Foo Fighters Pinball Overlord

Learn the quick rules to Foo Fighters Pinball by Stern. Get an idea of the 3M’s (Modes, Multiballs, and Multipliers) as well as how to get extra balls.


Van Modes

  • Spell V-A-N by hitting white lit shots
  • Go up the left ramp and the ball will be stopped at the van
  • Select your city

Every mode will play a corresponding song. There is a timer and progress bar in the top right of the screen.


Overlord Multiball

  • Hit the Overlord area until lit
  • Hit the ball into the Overlord to lock the ball and make it a captive ball
  • Hit the Overlord captive ball enough times to start the multiball

During the multiball, lock a ball back in the Overlord area to increase scoring.

Area 51 Multiball

  • On Pro, shoot the right ramp enough times to start Area 51 Multiball
  • On Premium/LE hit the lock targets on the upper playfield


Playfield multipliers are gained by the Rock-O-Meter at the right lane right above the shooter lane. Hitting the Chris right orbit will loop the ball back down through the Rock-O-Meter until it is maxed.

Shot multipliers are gained by hitting one of the Ray Gun Targets in the inlanes and then hitting the next shot to multiply it.

Bonus multipliers are gained by knocking down one or two of the Mod-ulator drop targets. Then sneaking by the third drop to hit the long standup bar target. This will give you a bonus multiplier, but the drops will go back up.

Extra Balls:

Light an extra ball at the right hand target below the Ka-Foom Kicking Target by:

  • Completing Modes
  • Completing Bot awards

How to Play Foo Fighters

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  • Weigh your options accordingly for the skill shot. A very soft plunge into the Rock-O-Meter lane will advance towards playfield multiplier, but plunging for the drop targets will mod out your van instantly and improve the next van mode.
  • Shoot white arrows to light the left ramp to start a city mode. All city modes score well but can score even better if you complete them on your first try and/or mod out your van by shooting the paddle behind the drop targets.
  • Shoot the captive ball to charge up your action button. This allows you to press it to collect lit shots during modes and multiballs. If nothing is lit, the action button will usually prioritize the right ramp for Area 51 progress (but won’t start it).
  • Shoot the Overlord until the insert there turns green and then lock a ball there; shoot it three more times for multiball. The first multiball is generally best played as a utility to help with your first van mode, while the second and third multiballs are far more lucrative (though they require way more shots).
  • 5 right ramp shots will start Area 51 multiball, another good utility multiball. All shots score jackpots and are lit red. Once they turn blue, super jackpot can be accessed by shooting the right ramp followed by the captive ball as a combo.
  • Mystery award – shoot the radio targets, then quickly shoot either of them again when the white insert is flashing. 
  • Right orbit shot lights Rock-O-Meter to advance towards 2x playfield, then 3x playfield if already running. The paddle target must be hit to light right orbit subsequently. Ray gun targets at return lanes multiply the next shot by 2x or 4x if both were hit.
  • Bot target hits light the “bot award” target. 1st award lights ball save at right outlane, 2nd lights extra ball, 4th lights left ramp for bot frenzy (shoot the spinner for big points and targets to multiply them).
  • Shoot the side ramp to light the Combotron inserts. Make 3 combos of at least 4 shots in a row to light the side ramp for their combined value.
  • Players that succeed at completing all of the above tasks will be able to activate the FooBot and take down the Overlord with the Fighters’ giant mech.

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